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March 2016

Outfit Pairings

• Pretty Lace Shirt and A-line Skirt •

Xin Chao, Happy end of March! Wow!!! Three months of 2016 have passed! Can you believe it? I have been working every day and got so caught up in the new job hunting situation that I forgot to ‘breath’ sometimes. I need a getaway asap. So I’m planning one in the upcoming weeks in April, hopefully! Recently, I’ve been really…

Outfit Pairings

• Lose Fit | Off-shoulder Top and Culottes •

→ Chao, Happy belated Easter. Hope you all had an amazing time with family and friends whether you do celebrate it or not. I had a great day waking up for a family brunch, went for a few outfit shoots in downtown St. Paul with my cousin NC, and later met up with some friends for KBBQ  and ice cream…

Outfit Pairings

A Winter-to-Spring Outfit Pairing

→ Chao, I was so busy this past weekend that I couldn’t manage to have any extra outfit shoots. Here I’m bringing back the outfit I wore couple weeks ago featuring my currently thrifted linen Anteprima dress. I paid $6.99 at a local Saver’s store, quite pricey in my opinion for a dress that has slight stains around the armpit…


Chanel Cardholder Un-boxing

→ Chao, I’ve recently made a cheeky purchase from the Chanel counter inside Nordstrom. I was looking for just a small cardholder/coin purse that fits my small everyday Elliot Proenza Schouler bag I bought last year. I was debating between this cardholder versus this Saint Laurent which has extra compartment for coin (zipped slot). Comparisions: Pros: The Chanel cardholder is smaller, simple, and sleek….

Outfit Pairings

Outfit That Makes Me Wanna… Get ABS!

→ Chao, The title of this post probably makes you laugh, but honestly I really do. I draw daily inspiration from clothes I wear which is mostly based on what I feel that day. This outfit combo: high-neck long-sleeved cropped top and high-waisted loose-fitted cropped pants, is definitely one of my favorite pairing as of lately. As you can tell…


Tips Before Heading To a Tailoring Shop

→ Hi everyone, Having some pants that are too long? In the need to have your dress tailored so it would fit you better for your upcoming events? Or if you don’t have any ideas how to sew on a button? You should definitely think about making a trip to your local tailor shop soon! Unsure or having no idea?…


Spring Makeup – 2016 Edition

Let’s talk makeup, shall we!? I’m a kinda girl who doesn’t wear full face of makeup everyday. I tend to run late to everything, so less product is more to me. I usually just wear some sunscreen or BBcream on top of my morning moisturizer, fill in my brows, some eyeliner and mascara, and that’s it. However, on Sundays or…

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Faux Fur Vest Layering Style Tips

Today I’m back with another outfit post featuring the best layering clothing item for sure that will keep you extra-snuggled in the winter: the Fur Vest. Tips for layering this fur vest: Choose a common thread color. What I mean by saying that is that either the layering piece has the same or similar color, texture, fabric with something else in the outfit. The great…

Outfit Pairings

Wide Leg Pants and Dotted Maroon Blouse

Wondering how you can bring out some of your old flared or wide leg pants that have been sitting in your closet for years? Wider leg pants are back, don’t you worry! This time, I put together an outfit pairing featuring the black flared pants from that I bought last year for $7. I paired them with a sheer burgundy high-necked with…