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June 2016

Outfit Pairings

• Playing Dress-up •

→ Hi guys, I’ve paired this outfit around the gorgeous Topshop Boutique sequined skirt with lace trims at the bottom, another to-die-for purchase, $20 at Nordstrom Rack. I’m always a fan of dressing down dressier pieces like I’d pair this skirt with just a simple band-tee and sneakers. By pairing everything else keeping it black, body-fitted, and simple like how…

Outfit Pairings

• Summer’s In, Back’s Out! •

→ Hi everyone, I’m back this week with another outfit post, shot on the same day with my friend’s help, Christina! A few of them turned out to be quite blurry, but I loved them all regardless! Hope you like this outfit I put together! It was so hot that day that I was sweating profusely while changing the the…

Fashion, Outfit Pairings

White Midi Shirt-dress

It starts to get super humid and sweaty up here in the Midwest. Regardless, I love these summer days dearly. I love to just sit outside and let the sunlight absorbed into my skin and breathe in that hot summer breeze. Canoeing, paddle boarding, swimming, laying by the beach/lake front (hah!), walking, people watching on lake days are definitely my favorites….

General Favorites

• May Favorites || 5 Things •

Say what? June is here, and that means it’s time for the past month’s favorites! I’m starting this series as an excuse of sharing more things I love (besides fashion) in the past month. It could be a restaurant I’d been to, a dish, a local spot, a Youtuber, a song, an outfit, etc… and the endless things that make…

Outfit Pairings

• The ‘Almost Summer’ Pairing •

→ Chao, I can’t believe this year has been flying by so fast, and it’s already June! Summer is just around the corner so make sure to stack up your planner with lots of fun outdoor festivities and traveling plans. Besides the boring 9 to 5 work schedule, I’ve been trying to fill up my evenings-after-work and the weekends by…