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December 2016

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Atlanta Travel Diary – Christmas 2016

I hope that you all had an amazing Christmas with closed ones, family and friends. This year, I got to spend mine with my uncles and cousins in Atlanta, Georgia. Here are the highlights of the trip… Thank you, as always, for reading the blog. I hope you all are having an amazing holiday week. New Year’s Eve is tomorrow….

Outfit Pairings

• Camel Coat in A Foggy Day •

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, y’all!!! I’ll be flying out to Atlanta, Georgia visiting my two uncles early tomorrow morning (Christmas Eve day) with my two cousins. I will be their first times flying “by themselves,” but with me I guess it counts. I’m excited to see my uncles and eat tons of good Viet and Southern food down there….

Travel Diary

4 States in 3 Days Roadtrip – (Part 1) December 2016

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I did a quick road trip from Las Vegas to LA, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle, so yes! we did 4 states in 3 days. Crazy I know! It’s been over a week, and I’m still recovering from the lack of sleep! This travel diary post will be divided into 2 parts, part 1 all about…

General Favorites

November Favorites 2016

Hi everyone, I’m way pass due for November Favorites. But it’s better late than never! Here are my 5 things: My short hair and the Color Proof gel/creme styling product: As you might or might not know by now, I chopped my hair super short last month. Nikki, my hair stylist, was so happy to chop of almost 8 inches off…

Outfit Pairings

• Trenchy & Cozy •

Thanks for reading! Hi everyone, Fall was so short but sweet and colorful. If you’ve missed fall, you can check it out here and here). Last week, winter has started out with a few rainy cold days and a few inches of snow, and now it is in full session. This outfit was shot on Thanksgiving day when I took my cousins…