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May 2017

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Summer Mood Board 2017

See my Mood Board #1 which was back in March, here. I’m sharing with you the ‘saved’ photo gallery and calling my curated inspiring MOOD BOARD. Here is my #2, Spring of 2017. I’m sharing with you the photo gallery screeenshotted from my Instagram’s ‘saved’ feature and calling it my curated inspiring MOOD BOARD. Here is my #2, Spring of 2017…

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The long weekend has finally come to an end. Memorial day is just an extra day added to the two-day weekend to me, nothing exciting. Knowing this ahead of time, I planned a few outfits and went out shooting all day yesterday instead. I helped my boyfriend with his wedding all day Saturday. It was so much fun, but tiring! And…

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Spring Flowers in Seattle

What is it about the blooming phenomenon of things, specifically flowers in spring days, that makes us instantly feel happier and so refreshed? Spring in the West coast was extremely breathtaking. From the plane’s window, the whole city of Seattle filled with so much greeneries and filled with so much energy. I felt so lucky to witness such amazing city…

Outfit Pairings

• My WhoWhatWear/Target Pick •

As soon as I heard WhoWhatWear did a collab with Target, I ran to the nearest Target store to check it out right away. Right after Easter, after the very successful collab with Victoria Beckham, Target jumped right into their next exciting collab with WhoWhatWear. And you know what? It won’t be a one-off collab, but a monthly thing where they…

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Nike Uniform, Gym & Motivation – Hike Washington

Couple weeks ago, I ran a 5k Walk-Run. The Walk-Run was one of the biggest fundraising events hosted by my company annually. I started fast jogging for a good 10 minutes, ambitiously. Once a mile passed, I suddenly felt so thirsty and was so short of breath. The rest became really rough. I had to make frequent stops and ended…

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• Kick Flare Jeans, Lemon T, & Coffee Talk •

Let’s talk coffee first, shall we? In a recent coffee conversation, my coworker told me that he took a coffee class in college and learned that coffee is different from different parts of the world. It’s true that no coffee is treated the same. Factors, such as: weather, climate, soil, water, etc. play an important role in determining the quality…

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Seattle Travel Diary – Spring 2017

 Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there! I hope you’ll take some time to do something cute and special for your mom! As promised, I’m sharing with y’all my recent trip to Seattle. Let’s grab a tea and enjoy a lengthy and hopefully informative travel post. Take some notes for places to go and things to do if you’re…

Outfit Pairings

• Embroidered Eyelet LBD | 2 Ways •

Another super easy way to style dresses is just to wear it as it. I’ve added a cute little silk polka dot necktie to give the look a bit more personality. Feeling fly yet? It’s so funny that everytime I wear this neck tie, it always remind of those 80s flight attendance styles. Very Parisian as well! Sorry that it…

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• Le Wrap & Ruffles •

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Just a quick check-in to see how your weekend was. If you’re reading this, I’d like to thank you from the bottom of my heart that it means a lot that you’re taking your time to browse through my blog. I just got back from Seattle, feeling so recharged and inspired. Needed that break even though it…