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July 2017

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Summer Romance

If you follow me on social media channels, you’ve probably heard me mention about the number of the weddings that I’ve got to attend this summer. It’s a summer filled…

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Wanderer. ˈwändərər/a person who travels aimlessly; a traveler. That is a google translation. I’d like to be seen as a wanderer or called as one. Well, most of the time….

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June Favorites 2017

Happy July, everyone! Well, time sure does fly fast. The month of June has quickly gone by, and we’re well into summer. As always, I’ve rallied up 5 things I…

Fashion, Outfit Pairings

Feel The Wind

Happy Monday. July is here! I have a day off today (July 3rd) and am currently laying in bed, attempting to sleep in just a bit more, but my alarm…