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July 2017

Outfit Pairings

• Lightplay & a Backless LBD •

Happy Friday! Today’s post is going to be filled with light chasing photography, and of course an outfit pairing. A few weeks ago, after my friend’s wedding mass, we decided to go shoot a few outfits since we had a few hours to spare before the reception. We drove to the Minneapolis Institute of Art in hope to find a…

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Korakia – Palm Springs

Last month, I got a chance to visit Palm Springs, California, for a day. Well, it wasn’t quite a full day, but we got the best out of our tightly packed schedule. And I loved every minute of it. You can read my Travel Diary, the summer California at the end of this post if you’ve missed it. We stopped…

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• Smorgasburg LA | #StyleAndSensesEATS 2 •

Happy Friday!!! I’m back with another food/outfit post, and you’re getting two posts in a day! I was just going through my camera roll this morning, and tons of photos from my California trip back in June popped up. I have been so busy and haven’t had time to blog all of the outfits yet. I will, slowly though, I…

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• Brunch at St. Genevieve | #StyleAndSensesEATS 1 •

If you’re a food enthusiast and are all-about-the-vibe like me, you won’t want to miss this cute little French restaurant, tucked in a corner near Uptown, Minneapolis, MN. I’d like to introduce a new and long-awaited must-have series on the blog Style&Senses: StyleAndSensesEATS. I’ve started the hashtag: #styleandsensesEATS quite a while back on my Instagram, and I’ve been wanted to…

Outfit Pairings

• Summer Romance •

If you follow me on social media channels, you’ve probably heard me mention about the number of the weddings that I’ve got to attend this summer. It’s a summer filled with lots of love, as I’d like to call it is a summer of romance. I love weddings. My friends Tri and Diem tied the knot at the end of…

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Wanderer. ˈwändərər/a person who travels aimlessly; a traveler. That is a google translation. I’d like to be seen as a wanderer or called as one. Well, most of the time. A wanderer, to my own definition, is someone who goes out and does things without a definite goal or purpose, who lets things happen naturally, who lives for the moment,…

General Favorites

June Favorites 2017

Happy July, everyone! Well, time sure does fly fast. The month of June has quickly gone by, and we’re well into summer. As always, I’ve rallied up 5 things I have been loving in the past month and showcase them to you. Rather late than never, so are you ready? ∴ one ∴ ASOS SPLIT SKIRT  Prior to my LA trip…

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Feel The Wind

Happy Monday. July is here! I have a day off today (July 3rd) and am currently laying in bed, attempting to sleep in just a bit more, but my alarm was rung up like 10 times. So I woke up like normal time. I know some of you have work today. So hopefully, you have some time to get together…