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October 2017

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Digital Journal #1 | New Beginning

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, besides my passion for fashion, I share an equal love for nature, plants, food, design, and practical pretty things. I also love to keep a journal with me everywhere I go to not only jot down any ideas I might have but also to keep sentimental things in there. I have been considering…

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Forest Green

Forest Green as in the color of my favorite oldie but goodlie trench, not the actual movie. I remember posting my very first outfit pairing, styling this same Forest Green trench coat here on StyleAndSenses. You could check it out how I styled it, here. Again, since the color is so bold, I want to keep everything minimal in black and…

Outfit Pairings

A/W ‘It’ Coat

Happy Wednesday! I’ve been feeling a little uninspired with the fashion shopping as to what’s available in the shops and trends this season. As you may or may not know, I don’t often spend lots of money on trendy pieces. Most of the time I aim straight to the sale sections at shops. I shop past-season pieces with much-discounted price…

Outfit Pairings

Discovery Park

OUTFIT DETAILS: leggings: Lulu Lemon | shoes: Nike | sweater: American Apparel | bag: Fjall Raven (similar or exact items linked below) ♥ HAVE YOU ENTERED MY GIVEAWAY WITH SMILE BRILLIANT? ENTER IT: HERE! How to Whiten Your Teeth SHOP MY OUTFIT IN THIS POST:

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The Best At-Home Teeth Whitening

I always got jealous of friends who said the secret to their perfectly whitened teeth was eating strawberries. I knew they either had theirs whitened professionally at a Dentist or that person was just blessed with a good gene. As a daily tea and coffee drinker myself, I thought I had to settle for the stained teeth for the rest of my life because I…

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A Casual Fit & Catch-up

Happy October! I’m back!!! I know! I know it has been awhile. A long while and I’ve missed blogging so much. I know I can handle both life stuff and stay engaged and active on social media, however, sometimes it’s healthier and more realistic if I do take a step back. As I shared with you in my previous blog…