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November 2017

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Digital Journal #2 | Feeling Thankful!

November is quickly approaching its end, and my phone’s camera roll is also accumulating a lot more photos that I feel the need to share. While October was filled with many friends’ visits, this month, of course, because of Thanksgiving holiday, is a month of me really taking in every opportunity to live out life here in the west coast and…

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Activated Charcoal- Skip It or Try It?

Happy Monday! Continued with the Beauty Break series here on my blog, I’m bringing you the most talk-about and tried-out beauty trend as of lately, activated charcoal. As you can tell by the title, this is just my first impression of an activated charcoal product, specifically the powder that is used as a treatment to help whitening teeth. But first, what…

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The Big Wool Scarf

When I travel to new cities, some of my favorite places that are great for photos are art museums, sculpture gardens, and city capitols. I always gravitate towards big white/granite walls, balcony area and windows with softer indirect sunlight, staircases or the actual artworks themselves as the backgrounds for my photos. Imagine endless possibilities for light play, proportions, and perspectives….

Outfit Pairings


Good morning and happy Friday! I took a chance to wear our my denim jacket while it was raining the day we shot this outfit. It got quite cold, but as you could see in some photos below. An added layer for warmth using my fur vest trick always did the trick. Seattle has been raining so much the past…

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Leather & Sequins

Leather as in faux leather. I wish, one day, to own a good pair of genuine leather pants and a leather jacket. I feel like leather pants are so underrated. They’re either super expensive or the more affordable ones don’t last for fit very well. Of course due to the nature of leather, it’s not going to last if we…

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Goat Lake – Hike Washington

Fall in Seattle was at its peak on the last weekend of October. I was so lucky to have ventured out to the east side of the city with a few of my really good friends from Minnesota. We initially planned on driving a few hours up north near the Canadian border to hike Chain Lake. However, the commute was…

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Sunset and Sweater

One of my favorite things to do on a weekend is to walk around the pier at sunset. And dinner afterward is a must. Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I decided to walk the dock at Lake Union before the sun was setting. We stayed in making brunch and binging on all episodes of Stranger Things, season 2. Knowing we…

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The Luxury Holiday WishList 2017

Hope you’ve have had an amazing start to the week! November has started off quite quickly, and that means the holiday season is near. Lots of shops have popped out their holiday shopping wishlist and gift guilds to help you get your shopping started, early of course! So today, I’m sharing with you a few ‘practical’ and worth-it, high-end things…

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September/October Favorites 2017

Happy November! It’s insane to think that the year of 2017 has almost flown by, isn’t it? I missed posting my favorites for the month of September as you had noticed from the title. So here I am, combining two months worth of favorites, and showing to you. Here are my top 5: ∴ one ∴ Stranger Things, season 2…