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July 2018

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Ask Me Anything! Part 1

Hello! I’m back this week with a post to round up all of the Q&As submitted and answered via my Insta-stories. I will soon have this feature on my blog where you can submit your questions, and I’ll answer and have them on a page so everyone can view them at a later time too. Meanwhile, keep on reading to see…

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In My Feelings

Hi guys and welcome to a new week! I’m writing this blog post at midnight after dropping off my 4 cousins at the airport. They were here for the first time this past weekend. I had a lot of fun taking them around exploring the city. We drove everywhere! Last Saturday, we drove more than an hour and tried to…

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What to Wear In A Heatwave!

If you were one of those lucky Pacific Northwest coasters like me, you probably don’t have to worry (not so much!) about dressing for the super hot and humid weather. I lived in the Midwest, specifically Minnesota for about 7 years and Vietnam, a tropical South Eastern country growing up, heatwave was what I had to deal with. I remembered…

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Smocked Midi at The Grotto Portland

At the end of our trip exploring Oregon a month ago, our last plan was to make it to Portland for food before going home. It was over Memorial Weekend, and that was that Monday night. As I was busy calling for reservations at restaurants in Portland (most wouldn’t take reservation for 2, especially those Yelp-famous ones with lots of…