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August 2018

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Brand Focus: Reformation ft. The Carina Dress

Hello and welcome to a new week! Today’s Brand Focus is Reformation. I’m going to review the Carina dress, my most recent Ref buy from Nordstrom store, the Bellevue location. About Reformation Reformation (Ref) was founded in 2009 by Yael Aflalo, a former model. The company relaunched in 2012. Based in LA. Reformation is known for its design, fabric, and its…

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Where I Shop & 5 Tips To Be A Conscious Buyer

In today’s post, I am sharing with you all about where I shop and some of my shopping tips to help you not only save money but also become a smarter and more conscious buyer. Coming from a fashion blogger standpoint, shopping a lot is and has always been a struggle of mine. I do find such pressure to stay…

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5 Urban Outfitters Must-Have Dresses | Summer 2018

Hello! Welcome to the new week! August is here and that means we are a month away from the summer being gone. As much as I love fall, summer is still definitely my most favorite season of all. I hope you’ve made this summer the best and productive summer so far! I definitely have! Once fall hits, I’d hope to…

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5 Easy Day Hikes with Vast Views – Hike Washington

Happy August! I cannot believe that summer is going by so quickly, and we only have a month left of sunny hot weather. As much as I love fall and the colors it brings, I enjoy very much that summer days are much longer, and I get to be so productive and get so many things done! Even though I…

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Thanks for 2k!!! | An Instagram Giveaway

Hello! Happy Wednesday! Today’s post is an exciting one, for me and might be for some of you. Per the title suggests, I am giving away some gift cards in celebration of me hitting 2k followers on Instagram a couple of days ago. If you’re here for the giveaway rules only, please feel free to scroll down to the end…