An Trieu Style and Senses About Photo

My name is An Thuý Triệu.
I was born and raised in Vietnam but found myself pursuing education and career in the U.S. I’ve recently moved from the Twin Cities, MN, to reside in Seattle, WA, pursuing bigger and better dreams. I love fashion and design. Cultures, architecture, and art influence many aspects of my style. I have a huge respect for brands, the people behind them and their success stories. My biggest dream is to have my own design label, to create and inspire.
Style & Senses is my life and style diary where I get to share things that inspire all of my 5 senses and beyond. Besides fashion, you will find lots of traveling content as traveling is a big part of my life that has shaped me who I am today. I’m also a foodie at heart, I mean who is not?! I also hand-write, a lot! 
So let’s be clothe-ser, shall we?!
stay inspired |as always