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Hello! There is a recent topic that comes to my attention, and I really want to hear your opinion and further discuss under this 'ASK AN' segment here on Style & Senses. I'd love to connect and talk more about other topics than fashion, so let's chat!. --- I've been living in Seattle for the past year and a half now and have struggled to find a local coffee shop other than Starbucks. My criteria are good coffee, free wifi with decent speed, and good vibe (interior decor, natural lighting, etc.). I've recently gone to a coffee shop called Broadcast Coffee and discovered their 2 hour wifi limit per purchase. I had to buy something again to extend the hours. I typically spend more than 2 hours every time I go to a coffee shop, especially on the weekend or whenever I want to get work done and be productive. I have internet at home, too, but sometimes changing up the scenery and vibe could help boosting productivity. I am no longer in school, but I'd like to bring my laptop and journal with me to coffee shops to plan and brainstorm for things. I also like to meet up with friends, especially for the first time, and clients for work at coffee shops. I respect BROADCAST COFFEE's owner and how they run their business, but I won't be going back since there are better coffee and places with unlimited wifi that I can go to. --- What do you guys think? 33 of you have voted for 'no, coffee shops shouldn't limit the wifi usage to 2 hours per purchase,' and 4 of you voted yes. --- Feel free to suggest other local coffee shops that offer unlimited wifi, great coffee, and great vibe. My favorites I've discovered so far are: MILSTEAD (Fremont), CASCADE COFFEE WORKS (downtown), and STORYVILLE COFFEE (Queen Anne, they also give out chocolate cake slices around 2pm each day! Amazing coffee and friendly staff!).