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One of my goal this year is to incorporate more beauty talks and shares here on the blog. If you’ve been reading StyleAndSenses for awhile, you’ve probably noticed that I do a lot of fashion but not much about beauty. So here you go, today is the day! I will try to have at least one up a month. And remember that you can always drop ideas and what you’d like me to feature here on the blog in the comment section down below.

In today’s beauty talk, I’d like to share my 5 products that I cannot live without!

∴ ONE ∴

what: GIORGIO ARMANI BEAUTY Luminous Silk Foundation – my shade 6.25: medium to tan skin with peachy undertone

where: Nordstrom (in store and online) or Sephora (only online) – $64 (+ tax)

why: This little 1 oz. bottle is way too expensive, I know! But trust me, it looks amazing on the skin. The foundation offers medium to full coverage, buildable, and radiantly natural looking skin. It claims to have Micro-fil technology which I find it does cover my pores. Just like the name, it is very silky! I don’t personally wear makeup to work every day. I only do whenever there’s an event going on after work or on weekends, especially only on Sundays. Weekdays, all I have on are some brows, mascara, eye primer (to prevent it from looking oily), a natural eyeshadow shade on the lids, and some concealer under the eyes and to cover some spots. Anyways, if you’re in the hunt for a good powerful foundation, try this one out!

∴ TWO ∴

what: MAC Prep+Prime Fix+ (prep and prime, fix plus)

where: MAC cosmetics (in store or online) – price: $24 (+ tax)

why: I’m sure you’ve probably thinking why would I tell you to pay $24 for a bottle of water. It is MAGIC!!! It is a CLASSIC, anyone who is into makeup has gone through bottles and bottles of this Fix+. If you haven’t tried it yet, stop by your local MAC counter and get one asap. I mostly pray it all over my face at the end after doing my makeup, or basically what I’d like to call ‘the last ritual’ I do before leaving the house. This magic water gently soothes, refreshes skin, and finishes makeup. It is ‘packed with vitamins and minerals, infused with a blend of green tea, chamomile, and cucumber.” Doesn’t it sound like a morning mist after the rain, on your face? Make sure you spray it from about 12 inches away from your face! I tend to mist my face right after I do my mascara which always ends up smudging it. So keep it that in mind!


what: ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS modern renaissance eye shadow palette

where: Sephora (in store or online) – price: $42 (+ tax)

why: I got this palette as a birthday gift from one of my best friends. I’ve been using Buon Fresco, the light purple in the middle upper row, every other day, as an all-over-lid color only! Other days, I alternate between various shades of burnt orange, lower row. I find Venetian Red and Love Letter, the red shades, a bit difficult to wear, but maybe one day I’ll give them a try! Other than that, orange, pink, red shades are everywhere this spring season. Stop by your local Sephora and pick up one, I’m sure they even might be all sold out!

∴ FOUR ∴

what: LANCOME grandiose -wide angle fan effect mascara, color: 1 noir mirifique – black

where: Sephora (in store or online) – price: $32 (+ tax)

why: This mascara wand is so ridiculously funny looking. Yep! It is Lancome’s first patented mascara wand technology, Swan Neck™ Wand Mascara! I feel like plastic bristled mascara brush tends to grab on more product. With drier mascara formulation, the plastic wand is the worst to apply it with. But I feel like this has been done intentionally since this mascara’s formulation is wet and not clumpy at all. Plus it is super easy to remove with just a cotton round and some light makeup remover solution. Shorter plastic bristles grab onto the smallest lashes and defy them. My lashes look huge after two coats of this mascara!!! Don’t over do it if you’re not a fan of spidery lashes. Plus it’s water-proof, and at the end of the day it doesn’t smudge into my undereye area at all! Best Lancome’s mascara yet!

∴ FIVE ∴

what: NARS modern renaissance eye shadow palette, shade: custard

where: Sephora (in store or online)

price: $30 (+ tax)

why: I’ve been a pretty loyal fan of the NARS’ radiant creamy concealer since day 1. This little pot is just as comparable except, it is in a pot/cream form, matte finish. Even though it is matte, it is not drying at all. I don’t have a dry undereye area like a lot of people do, but mine is pretty dark and spotty, meaning i have some excess skin tags (pretty noticeable!) underneath my eyes. And this concealer doesn’t sit heavily nor crease at all on my skin. I’d usually prefer blending makeup products with my fingertips, especially around the corner of my eyes or underneath my brows. So having the ability to pick up this product from its pot, and lightly dab it in my skin and watching it slowly covering the problemed area are really satisfying! I’m weird, I know!

My philosophy is that ‘you get what you pay for,’ so be warned that these products are at a higher end price point. Everyone is different, meaning different skin/hair conditions, textures, and types. I’m not a beauty expert nor knowledgeable about everything. I suggest things that genuinely work for me in hopes that in the end, you’re inspired to try out some of my tips and tricks. Just please, make sure you do more research before making any purchases, make sure that they suit your specific needs and test them on yourself. Again, thank you for reading the blog. Come back in a few days for a March Favorites. Until then, take care!

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