2017 is the year of me continuously experimenting with my hairstyles and colors. Beginning of the year, I got a blunt cut, super short. Then by the springtime, I had a few highlights and lowlights added. And before my hair-stylist Nikkie went on her labor, I asked her to bring it to the lightest shades possible. You can easily scroll down my Instagram feed and see my hair change journey. I loved how I looked with lighter blonder hair, however, that didn’t last for so long. Regardless of how much purple shampoo and masks and moisturizing products I used, my hair just could not handle that anymore. Luckily, my uncle was in town and did color my hair back to black, just in time before my trip to Hawaii in August. He owns a hair salon ‘Revive Hair Salon‘ in Atlanta, so check him out if you’re around town. I will definitely make a trip there sometime soon so that he can do my hair. That won’t be for a while, so in the meantime, I am still on a search for a hairstylist that is local here in Seattle for a haircut and probably someone who is good at working with damaged Asian hair. So as you can see, my hair is currently back, growing out past my shoulder about good 5 inches, super frizzy and damaged.

As you know, fashion, skincare, and beauty products are my priority most of the time. I try at least once a month to feature something else not fashion here on the blog. You can check out my ‘Beauty Break series, here, here and here. For hair, however, I put somewhat effort in curling or straightening it whenever I go out, but once it is out in the humid air or rain weather, it is just so sad. I envy, truly envy, of those who have long and luscious curls or at least those who manage to have their hair look big and fabulous in photos. Because I just can’t, or more like I need help in the hair styling department. In addition, I am a visual learner. I learn things quickly if I can get a visual taste of it. I know that I can easily Youtube or Google hair tutorials, but it is more like my personality trait that does not allow me to be good at doing my own hair or having a good hair day. Just kidding! But really I need to change how I approach every time I do my hair from now on.

For today’s Beauty Break post, I am going to feature the top 5 hair products that have done wonders to my hair in the year of 2017. Some of them are my newly found and quickly became favorites such as the Quai hairspray and the Living Proof Dry Volume spray bottle. The other three are my favorites for years now. So let’s get started!


This Moroccan oil bottle is my second bottle. I was introduced to this product by Nikkie, my hairstylist in Minnesota, about two years ago. I bought a bottle from her at the salon that she was working at. Soon after that, I saw Moroccan oil was taking over the entire hair industry at the time as one of the first oil product that people started to incorporate into their routine. No one would ever think of putting more oil in an already oil hair/head. But as long as you don’t put it directly at the roots since it is never recommended anyways, this oil works magically from mid-shaft to ends of the hair. I swear by this magical oil. I use it as a priming pre-styling product before I start straightening or curling my hair. I use it right after I shower my hair to add some moisture to it. I add a few drops on the palm of my hand and apply it on the ends of my hair on the second or third-day hair. It is not greasy nor sticky at all. It has helped my hair getting back its integrity as I told you in the heart-to-heart hair talk about how damaged it is. It seals and adds a touch of weight at the end of my hair and help them looking healthy.

I’ve linked a few favorites hair oil products below, so make sure you read reviews and the product descriptions before buying anything. I’ve used the Argan oil and liked it just as much as the Moroccan oil one. Sadly, I accidentally knocked over and spilled the entire bottle. But it is great to use on skin, hair and everywhere.


Quai is founded by a celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin. I feel like the brand is very well advertised as to a person who doesn’t shop a lot for hair products like me even know about this brand. It is quickly sold out after its launch and reviews on Youtube as I remembered. I hunted for it and went looking for it at Sephora. It was never in stock. I forgot about it for awhile, and later I saw it being sold at Urban Outfitters. I see Quai products being featured a lot in flat-lay photos or beauty product shots on lots of bloggers and Instagrammers these days, especially. A few months ago, I finally got my hand on this bottle and gave it a try. It definitely gave my hair a good hold and thicker coat than my other normal hairspray. I am not a fan of the scent, however. I personally don’t like or can’t take strong scents on perfumes and body products since I will most likely get a bad headache after all. But this cute little bottle is convenient to travel with. And it does the job of keeping my hair curled and styled all day!



This magical jar is recently sitting in my shower. I use it every time I have time to take a bath. I usually have my hair up in a bun after I have slattered this creamy thick conditioning mask on all over my hair. Of course, I take advantage of this time to put on a facial mask as well while submerging my body in the hot steamy bath. Three birds one stone! I also use a little bit of this with my normal conditioner and add it more towards the ends of my hair since it needs more caring there. It together with the Moroccan oil has been doing the wonder jobs at keeping my hair’s integrity and help to restore my hair’s moisture. My hair is growing out quite fast, so that is exciting!

These ‘It’s a 10’ products are quite pricey, but I can never recommend these enough. Some of my favorites are below: (Oh, I love the spray and leave-in conditioner, a must try!!!)


I got this cute little bottle in a hair set from Sephora which I’ve linked right below. This is probably my most favorite hairspray product I’ve found after a while. It does not get enough hype but to my surprise, it has a lot of amazing reviews on the Sephora website. Again, I am late to the hair game for sure! My hair is damaged, dry, and doesn’t really hold its curls very well. As mentioned above, every time when it gets humid outside, my hair goes completely flat. But this spray definitely proves its fame and helps to add tons of volume to my hair. For my big head, all I need is three good sprays, and that is good enough to keep my hair volumizing and looking amazing all day!

Try the Bumble & Bumble powder if you want extra volume to your hair. I love it a lot too!


This one is another strongly scented hairspray, but it works amazingly! As said, I get a headache wearing heave scented products such as perfumes or hairsprays. This Elnett hairspray range has a strong old school hairspray scent. I have a small bottle and do find myself grabbing whenever I pack for a weekend trip away somewhere in the past year. You can easily stop by your local Ulta to give it a try. It is a drug-store product, so the price is a little more affordable. However, I kind of slow down in terms of shopping for drugstore products now since I feel like they keep raising the price. I don’t mind paying a bit more for high-end beauty products really, since I get better packaging and quality I feel like. Needless to say, this hairspray has been staying with me for years. Give it a try and a few other amazing drugstore hairsprays I’ve linked below:

I hope you’ve noted a few hair products down to try for the new year! I will try to incorporate more beauty posts as I always say so on the blog. Thanks again for stopping by! Two more days until Christmas, who is excited? This year, Christmas is slightly different for me as I don’t live close to any of my family members. And Seattle doesn’t snow. It feels very different, but I am not complaining! I hope you have an amazing long weekend whether or not you celebrate this holiday season. Christmas is always an exciting time of the year for me personally since the festive spirit in me always gets sparked by seeing decorative and festive things and displays out at the streets and shops. However, for so many reasons this year, it does not feel so this year. Anyways, I am excited to have a few days off work and relax and reflect on the things of the past and the future. I’ll be calling home and checking up on long distance friends, too! So that is something I am looking forward to!

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