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Stuff That Got me Through Winter

Spring is finally here, and I know I am due for a favorite round-up post for the entire winter season. If you have been reading my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that ever since I started doing ‘Digital Journal,’ I have not been so good at keeping up with monthly favorites ever since. It is simply due to…

General Favorites

November Favorites 2017

We are down to the very last month of 2017. How in the world!? I am panicking over holiday shopping that I will have to catch up pretty soon here once this week is over. I am waiting for a job confirmation and a few more things in order to really get started on the holiday spending this time around. I…

General Favorites

September/October Favorites 2017

Happy November! It’s insane to think that the year of 2017 has almost flown by, isn’t it? I missed posting my favorites for the month of September as you had noticed from the title. So here I am, combining two months worth of favorites, and showing to you. Here are my top 5: ∴ one ∴ Stranger Things, season 2…

General Favorites

August Favorites 2017

Did August just fly by in a blink of an eye? It sure did. So for day 6 of BEDS, Blogging Every Day of September, I wanna share with your a few favorites of mine that I discovered, bought, or found out in the month of August. I have a whole monthly favorite series here on StyleAndSenses, so if you’ve missed…

General Favorites

July Favorites 2017

Hi everyone, August is here, so it’s time to talk about July Favorites. I’ve gathered 5 things per usual that I love, so read on! ∴ one ∴ MANGO’s earrings One of the biggest season’s trends that I’m obsessed is the statement earring trend, from the tassel chunky colorful ones to the metal plated oddly shaped ones. I don’t know…

General Favorites

June Favorites 2017

Happy July, everyone! Well, time sure does fly fast. The month of June has quickly gone by, and we’re well into summer. As always, I’ve rallied up 5 things I have been loving in the past month and showcase them to you. Rather late than never, so are you ready? ∴ one ∴ ASOS SPLIT SKIRT  Prior to my LA trip…