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General Favorites

May Favorites 2017

ddHappy June!!! Summer is quickly approaching as I can smell it in the air. The sun is out with its full force here in the Twin Cities. Make sure you make use of these gorgeous pre-summer days! It’s already in the 5th of June, and that means I’m due for a monthly favorite. Here are what I’ve been loving in…

General Favorites

April Favorites 2017

May is already here, so let’s dive in the favorites of last month! ⋅ one ⋅ MY NEW GUCCI BEE BAG I love every bit of it, from the two little stars right at the corners of the bag, the green/red Gucci’s signature stripe and the golden bee simply embroidered right in the center and front of the bag. I…

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March Favorites 2017

Hello everyone, March has quickly flown by, and I’m due for a monthly favorite. Let’s roll! ∴ ONE ∴ ASOS. March was the month that revived my love for ASOS, the well-known British online shopping website. I’ve shopped there once a long time ago and ended up returning everything. I gave it a try ordering a few dresses randomly last month. I…

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February Favorites 2017

Hi loves, February is my favorite month of the year for so many reasons. It’s the month of love. And as cliche’ as it sounds, I’m a fan of love. Valentine’s Day was on the 14th. I turned a year older on the 16th. I made a trip out to Colorado skiing the last weekend of February. I can’t help…

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December Favorites 2016

Hi everyone, It’s time for December Favorites. Here are five things I’ve been loving this past month: one I have to mention the December road trip to 4 states in 3 days that I did with my boyfriend early December. If I’ve gotta pick 1 favorite from the entire trip, it has to be the Big Sur which includes the entire…

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November Favorites 2016

Hi everyone, I’m way pass due for November Favorites. But it’s better late than never! Here are my 5 things: My short hair and the Color Proof gel/creme styling product: As you might or might not know by now, I chopped my hair super short last month. Nikki, my hair stylist, was so happy to chop of almost 8 inches off…

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October Favorites 2016

October favorites, let’s roll… 1. Favorite moment: The moment that made the entire Chicago trip was when I had a chance to meet up Toan’s friends: Michelle, and her friends: Jessica and Jerry. They all have some arty edges to them and/or do something art-related, either photography, music, or in creative field. I’ve always been craving to meet arty and creative people…

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September Favorites 2016

How was your September? Are you or am I glad that September is finally over. As much as I loved August’s festivities, September was in the opposite scale. September was an over-emotional month for me, from beginning to an end. They say you’ve gotta go through bad days to appreciate good days. Yes, I know! But it’s yucky all over,…