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Holiday Gift Guide 2018

I love the idea of gifting even though I know for the fact that I am a horrible gifter when it comes to birthdays and celebrations. I don’t really keep track or have anything written down, and I always wait until the last minutes and stress over everything. When the holiday and Christmas roll near, I am extremely stressed. I…

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Black Friday Shopping Guide 2018

Happy Thanksgiving! As promised, I am back today with a haul featuring all things I have recently picked up including fashion and beauty products. I will also include a list of all of my favorite retailers that I will personally check out and might pick up this Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up. I hope these inspire a few…

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V-Day Quotes & A ‘From You To You’ Love-list

Happy Valentine’s Day! This post is solely dedicated to all ladies out there, whether you are taken or not, to just know that you always deserve the best. Take some time to treat yourself something nice, a facial or a splurge buy from something you have been loving but hesitated to get for yourself. I am sharing with you my…

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Christmas Gift Guide 2017

I love lists, especially with photos to illustrate and help with visualization! I just learned to play around with Photoshop a little bit more yesterday, so these collages were the results. It took so long, oh my goodness! But hope you like this way of me doing gift lists. These are some gift ideas that I absolutely recommend, broken down…

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The Luxury Holiday WishList 2017

Hope you’ve have had an amazing start to the week! November has started off quite quickly, and that means the holiday season is near. Lots of shops have popped out their holiday shopping wishlist and gift guilds to help you get your shopping started, early of course! So today, I’m sharing with you a few ‘practical’ and worth-it, high-end things…

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My Spring 2017 Wishlist

 If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, you’ve probably noticed my love for designer brands. I’ve done a few ‘Brand Focus’ posts (here or here) and have featured a few designer items I’ve saved up for and purchased (here or here). I love designer brands and truly believe ‘you get what you pay for.’ As much as I love fast fashion and…