Mid-October, fall in Minnesota was extra breath-taking!

These photos were shot at the cliff near the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN. It’s hard to tell the exact location, but there’s a creek with a very short hike that leads to a tiny fall, and I’m pretty sure it’s called the Shadow Falls. My friends and I usually go there by night, sit by the cliff, and just enjoy the view, more so in the summer! After fall, MN is a dead-zone! It’s almost too dangerous (too cold and too icy) to go anywhere. This winter, I’m planning to head down to Colorado, hopefully at least once, to attempt on skiing and any snow-cold-weather activities.

This outfit was almost unplanned. I packed a few clothes options with me in the car and didn’t really have a plan on what to wear and where we would be. Toan was in town. And I knew we would be shooting some outfits for my blog, and that was it! We spent a whole day driving around finding autumn-y locations. When we arrived at this location, I just quickly put on a midi blazer, but it turned out making my outfit a bit too dressy for the nature-y surrounding! I looked kinda ridiculous. I then stole Toan’s jacket, haha and it worked!

IMG_0069cropped-IMG_0071.jpg cropped-IMG_0070.jpg IMG_0072

Hope you’re having a fantastic week!

Stay inspired, as always!

bodysuit: American Apparel | ripped-knee jeans: J-brand | boots: Jeffrey Campbell | his jacket: Jcrew | chokers: Zara

Photo credit: Toan Chu

An Trieu