As you may or may not notice that I simply layered a shirt over the jumpsuits I’ve featured in the last outfit post, Summer Blue. This flowy top has a really interesting design, and it is basically just a round-cut piece of fabric, has two elastic bands for the arms and a tank built-inside. I’ve also tied around my neck a random waist-string from a dress, threw on a nice pair of summer heels, and there was a new instant outfit.

I just got back from the youth group camp, had a long nice shower, and immediately curled up in my comfy warm bed. Sleep was great!!! I woke up, fried some eggs, and made myself some instant ramen.

This coming week is going to be super busy as one of my best gf- Yen is getting married. The rehearsal and ceremony will take up my whole weekend plus a few friends’ birthdays, hah! I bought a bridesmaid dress, got a color comparison last Friday, and turned out Yen gave me a wrong colored tie. I made another order for a lighter dress as well as a pair of shoes over an online website, hopefully they will come before the weekend approaches.

August has been a crazy eventful and busy month. I’ve caught myself being so distracted, doing other things while doing things at the moment. I don’t tend to follow rules nor strict restrictions in life and do things based mostly from current mood and emotion. However, being present is a utmost important key to stay focused and productive, as it also somehow reflects the commitment level and trust issues once other people are involved. Hopefully by the end of the month or the summer, I’ve got to take a short trip somewhere to reflect and think about things.

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Thanks for reading, as always! Stay inspired, everyone!!!

jumpsuits: Amanda Uprichard, top: Zara, necklace: a waist-string from a dress, heels: Zara, sunglasses: Rayban

Photos by: Toan Chu

An Trieu