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How’s your summer so far? I’m back with another outfit post! This weekend, I took the cousins down to downtown Stillwater, MN, mainly for the psychic reading and Pokemon hunting. Who’s playing? I’ve gained 2 levels, caught a bunch of fun Pokemons in the area that night, and officially joined team Mystic!!!

I was in downtown Stillwater mainly for the psychic reading. They had palm reading as well, but I opted for the tarot card reading. It was $35, jeez! The girl which I didn’t ask her name asked me to shuffle the deck of card while saying out loud two wishes and keeping one to myself. Then she told me to divide the deck into 3, pick the 1 that I was drawn to the most, mixed the cards up again, and finally picked out 4 cards. She then slowly flipped each card and told me things that related to what appeared on the cards. It felt like she had it memorized, no doubt! But the results were weirdly accurate let me tell you! The two wishes I spoke out loud, one was about my career and the other one was about my current relationship. She asked if I was doing something art related, and I hesitated saying that kinda (it’s fashion, obviously) but I’m in medical field right now. She proceeded to many other things about me and my personality that I found strangely accurate. The last card, obviously, was about my dating/relationship with a guy I’m seeing. She said a few things that wowed my, seriously! Of course, she mentioned about the energy and my how independent and strong my personality would affect it. Overall, I would get married to my soul mate and have 3 kids once I’m financially stable. Plus I have to move out of Minnesota and live near the body of water. Strangely, I love the body of water and do want to move out of MN eventually. Other things I’d love to keep it to myself since its a bit personal, but wow!…  The whole experience got me like… shocked!!!

Anyways, what do you think about palm reading, tarot card reading, or any kinds of fortune tellings or psychic readings? I personally think it’s somewhat true that some people can be able to sense the energy or the spirit or whatever it is of the people and the surrounding and able to express to other people. Even though there are so many arguments out there saying that it’s against religion and that they don’t believe in supernatural or things beyond human capacity. I’m not saying that I’d suggest you to go see it for yourself, but anyways it was an experience! I don’t think I’d ever believe in what the lady had to say, but I was left wondering and maybe was a bit more conscious of what is going on my life and the people who are in my life. I still think it’s super weird though. What do you think?

Meanwhile, enjoy your summer July days and the outfit I wore that day!

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♥ shirt: Brandy Melville | skirt: BDG (Urban Outfitters) | choker: Zara | shoes: Vince | bag: PS11 |anklet: Macy’s | sunglasses: Ray-Ban ♥