Happy Tuesday! I hope your weekend was great! It rained all day last Saturday and Sunday, so I wasn’t able to go outfit shooting nor getting anything done. It’s tough, at times, especially when the weather doesn’t want to corporate. I was in a very bad cramp, it’s the time of the month, the past week and a half, so I stayed in bed pretty much every night after work. I got myself back to the gym, finally, last Monday night. I’m feeling much more energized to start off the new week ahead, hence I’m still up blogging. And it’s currently 2:30 am.

For me, having good health is the most important thing. Sometimes, I feel like we all take it for granted by eating unhealthy, processed food, excessive drinking, neglecting sleep and forgetting to take care of ourselves. I’m guilty at that, almost all the time. The gym has recently been the best way I’ve found to de-stress and release all of the toxins and sweat after a long stressful work day. But I was in pain as I said before. I found myself more reasons to get back to the same lifestyle, no gym, won’t hurt. And it does obviously affect my productivity and my mood of the day ever since I wasn’t being able to make it to the gym and sweat.

How do you stay inspired? What motivates you to get out of bed and do things? For those of you who frequent the gym and are experts, please give me some advice and tips to stay motivated to go to the gym, please let me know in the comment section.

ABOUT THE OUTFIT: I bought this gorgeous red ochre colored dress at a very discounted price at a local designer outlet. I’m pretty sure I paid less than $40 for it since it was marked as defected and ‘price as is.’ I didn’t mind the rips so much since it was something I could easily fix. The amazing thing is that it’s from Alice and Olivia, one of my favorite designers to shop for dresses. And as you may or may not know, their mini dresses vary between $300 to $600. There’s no way I can afford for it right now, so that’s why I shop for designer pieces on sale at a fraction of the price. It was a size 6 and of course very big on me as you can see in some of the photos. I did some quick fix to mend the open seams around the arm holes but didn’t have time to take in the dress. I wore this dress (not to a hike) but to more like sight-seeing and outfit shoot at the Griffin Park & Observatory last time when I was in LA. After just one wear, the dress got more rips around the arm holes which was quite annoying. It’s 100% silk, so the fabric is really fragile which I totally understand. I’ve gotta bring it in my aunt’s tailoring shop to take in at the waist and the fix arm holes really soon. I can’t complain much since the dress is drop-dead gorgeous, and the color is one of a kind. I’ve gotten so many compliments wearing it every time. I can’t talk about my Proenza Schouler bag and the ASOS mules that I pair with pretty much every outfit you see on me.

OUTFIT DETAILS: dress: Alice & Olivia (bought on sale, similar ones linked below)| bag: Proenza Schouler (also sold out, sorry!) | mules: ASOS

I’m preparing and planning for my upcoming trip to Hawai which is coming up in 2 weeks. I have lots of shopping to do, so let’s see what I can pull off in the span of 1.5 weeks. I hope your week has been productive and amazing thus far!

Thanks for reading!

stay inspired | as always

An Trieu.