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Last weekend, the sun magically decided to stay out for awhile, so I got to got a chance to style up some new spring items from a recent ASOS purchase. Continued from the WWW series, (If you’re unsure of what it is, you can read more about it, here!) this WWW#2 is my slightly different take on a traditional wedding guest outfit: lace rompers paired with a pair of high heels and a suit blazer. Sometimes, it’s refreshing to see some pants options to weddings and night events. The recipe to look put together and not like you’ve just rolled out from a summer BBQ event is to opt for a lacy kind of fabric, not your typical cotton choice. I know, rompers can be intimidating when wearing out to events like weddings. Beside your fabric choice, subtle things like opting for a higher neckline, longer sleeves, or fit can make a huge difference. I paired the rompers with a pair of 6.5-in impossible-to-walk-in heels, a structured blazer, and a clutch (an invisible one, apparently I didn’t have any clutches, and I was just holding my cardholder/coin purse thing). But I hope you enjoy the photos. I love how the sunset just enhanced the yellow color of the rompers and took it to the next level. <3


lace rompers: Misguided (ASOS, sold out, similar: here and here)

blazer: Banana Republic (old, similar: here and here)

studded heels: Zara (2 years old, similar: here)

It is the end of March already, how crazy! March has been the month of a lot of self-motivation for me. I felt like I fell into a ‘black deep hole.’ It sounded funny but it’s my joking way of calling “the lacking of inspiration and motivation to-do-things state.” March started out with a few Dr. checkups and visits super early in the day, and then staying later for overtime at work enhanced my stress level to the max. Plus, ‘everything’ did not go as planned, so I was just throwing ‘whatever, I don’t care!” kinda attitude everywhere. I’m sure everyone goes through, in and out, this black hole once in awhile. It is difficult to find inspiration and motivation sometimes from the surroundings, and it is even tougher to self-motivate. How do you stay inspired and motivated? Tell me in the comment section below as I would love to know yours.
March favorites should be up very soon!

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