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This outfit was shot at the Baha’i House of Worship in Wilmette, Illinois, just about 30 minutes up North from downtown Chicago.

fringe sweater: H&M | leggings & sandals: Vince | jacket: Banana Republic | hat: Urban Outfitters | choker: Zara | sunglasses: Ray-ban

Photos by: Toan Chu.

Check out his work:

Sorry, life has been super crazy and busy for me! How’s October treating you? Mine? Literally though! I was pretty stressed out from work for the whole month of September. I picked up a few hours overtime at work, working 10 hours a day for a few weeks wasn’t fun! I was lack of sleep and felt so drained out from the lack of inspiration. Fall color was calling my name as well, so I knew I needed to get away! I took a Friday (Oct 7) off work and planned to make it down to Chicago for a sister (from my youth group) for she was getting a surprised wedding proposal. My friend, Toan, joined me in the most last-minute and random road trip down to Chicago. We left right after I got home from work Thursday night.

Friday: We got up early and drove to the temple (featured in this post) from our hotel, opted for a coastal drive along the Michigan lake to downtown, had Luk’s Lobster for lunch, shopped, met up with the youth group people for the surprised proposal at the Adler Planetarium, and had Korean BBQ at San Soo Gab San.

Saturday: We waited in line for 3-4 hours just to get up to the Skydeck Chicago’s 103rd floor, had chicken at Nando’s peri peri, met some new local Chicago friends, had some ramen, blowed a candle for Toan’s 26th birthday, made hime do the “26 things he has learnt,” and were headed up North.

Sunday: We drove passed Milwaukee, stopped at Green Bay for a quick brunch (not too exciting!), and ended up in UW-Madison. We shot a quick outfit, had a bubble tea, and had a fantastic dinner at Himal Chuli, a Nepali restaurant here in the mad town. Having good music played and good company make the drive home so short and enjoyable. We got back in town around midnight.

Some bonus photos, taken by my iphone: 🙂


Skydeck Chicago

Aw, got to witness these two lovebirds, how cute!!!

Aw, got to witness these two lovebirds’ proposal at the Adler Planetarium, how cute!!!

Luke’s Lobsters


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