“DANCE [through life]

When you dance, your purpose is not to get to certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way”

— Wayne Dyer —

This outfit, featuring the pants I bought from Zara, makes me wanna dance hence the title of this post!!!! I love how the pants’ legs are so baggy and loose but still have good shape to them. I bought the pants from the store on Fifth street, NY, without even trying them on because the lines to everything were so long! The short-sleeved sweater with tiny little shiny gold threads weaved-in is from the H&M sale rack I bought pretty recently. And about my sandals/sliders though… they gave me 5 huge blisters on my feet on my first day walking around D.C. Gotta sacrifice for style, duh! They’re gorgeous and fit my aesthetic perfectly. The pair is Vince, the luxury clothing and shoes brand found at Nordstrom, but they were on sale at the DSW store at the Mall of America. I swirled around for this outfit shots my cousin took of me using my iphone.

Read more about my after-D.C/NYC withdrawal and how traveling has changed me below…

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Getting back from D.C/NYC to reality is a bit tough. Traveling enables me to flick off reality like a “light switch” for seconds (Reference credit to the Broadway show the Book of Mormon, I mentioned it my NY day2&3 – link below). I came back with much more appreciation towards everything I have in everyday life, especially little things of my privilege that I am not even aware of. My car seemed a bit strange even when my friend drove it to pick me up from the airport, and oh how I missed it. Even my bed did not feel the same. Little things like just simply being with the little ones (I meant the baby cousins), family, and friends had never felt so real and needed. It even makes me miss my parents and my siblings dearly ’cause it has been almost 6 years since I last saw them.

I travel, and to me it is always a soul searching and exploring trip. Other places allow us to really taking our time doing things we wouldn’t normally do. I love breathing the fresh air and the energy that the surroundings, things, and people give off. People watching, especially how they dress, how they interact, how they live their life the way they do has triggered something really deep inside me. That thing is about how amazingly diverse and different us human can be. That thing has inspired me to live more humbly, less judgmental, real-er, kinder to everyone.

Adult life is great (Trust me, it does get better!!!). Knowing that getting a job was the most important thing and traveling at this moment was not a safe bet. But I needed to getaway so bad!!! But I was like, what the heck! I booked the flight literally a week before it happened crossing fingers that once I got back I would find a job. I literally got a few phone calls when I was in NY for a job starting right the week after I got back. I was like this couldn’t have been any better!!! Stepping out from the MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art, NY) with a wow, I still remember repeatedly whispering to my friend that “this wasn’t real life” multiple times (being in my dream city, for the sake of just being there, and doing things I got to do). I’m incredibly thankful!!! Now I am officially employed working at a biomedical company even though the D.C/NY withdrawal has been really real.

Have a great weekend!

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Outfit details:

shirt: H&M

pants: Zara (here)

sliders: Vince (DSW)

bag: Proenza Schouler