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→ Hi loves, thanks for reading! Besides my frequent outfit posts, I’ve recently added “Monthly Favorites” to the blog Style & Senses where I talk about places, people, or everything I’ve loved throughout the month (check out: June Favorites & May Favorites). Today, I’d like to introduce you all to my new segment here on the blog: “Senses and more,” where I get to share things that I find meaningful, interesting, and significant and enriching to life. As a twenty something, I’m sure anyone of you, either not-there-yet or already-been-there-done-that, would find this segment somewhat relate-able I hope! Share your comment below!!!

Today’s episode #1 is all about girlfriends. I’ve always been blessed with so many good friends in life. Even though as you may or may not know that I was born and raised in Vietnam. I came to the U.S when I was 19 years old. Leaving family and friends at such age, I’ve struggled to find friends that share the common upbringing and interests. Group of friends are hard to find, and group of friends that listens, understands, and is trustworthy, is even harder to find. The girls I’ve featured here on this post are three of my core girlfriends or my sisters (missing you Shirl and other girls). We are all youth leaders at the Vietnamese Eucharistic Youth Group at a local church here in St. Paul, MN. Being Catholic-Vietnamese female youth leaders, we have a lot of shared and common upbringing and purposes. Besides our weekly Sunday gatherings to serve the community and kids especially, we catch-up pretty often. We cry and laugh, share the ups and downs, talk about boys we love and those that break our hearts. As cheesy as it sounds, I love, treasure, and thank God for bringing these ladies in my life.

To the left of the second picture, it’s Yen T. She’s one of my dearest friend even though we don’t get to see each other as often, but we always make time to catch up and share our lives. She’s the one that I can relate to the most. In less than a month, she’s the first one in our group that’s going to walk down the aisle. I’m a few years older than her, and I-don’t-even-know-when-I’m-getting-married (prob. never!— sigh). The first picture features the little jar of chocolate with a blue crane and a cute little note attached. The note was Yen’s way of asking me to be her bridesmaid. I was beyond excited (even though it’s so last minutes)! Her wedding theme color is blue and gold. We, the bridesmaids, get to pick out our own dresses, from light to dark blue, and silver heels. I’ve found it’s super challenging to find dresses this blue, knee-length and chiffon… Anyways, I’ll for sure update ya’ll with my first experience of being a bridesmaid here!

Thank God for Girlfriends!

• Outfits worn & locations — 2nd picture, @Bambu/Eat street Uptown, dress: Banana Republic, choker: Zara | –4th picture, @Bar La Grassa/Minneapolis, crop top & skirt: H&M heels: Zara •