If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile now, besides my passion for fashion, I share an equal love for nature, plants, food, design, and practical pretty things. I also love to keep a journal with me everywhere I go to not only jot down any ideas I might have but also to keep sentimental things in there.

I have been considering buying myself a film-camera for quite some time now. I love the vibe that film photos give off, very distinctively moody. However, films are not cheap. And funny enough, I’ve really been enjoying editing my photos that I took using my 6S+ iPhone using the VSCO app. I kind of quit uploading iPhone-quality photos on my blog for awhile now since I want to keep the quality consistent. And they’re mostly taken and edited by my boyfriend and his fancy DLSR. I found myself unmotivated to even learn manual for that reason. But since I enjoyed looking at film photos so much, I found a way to edit my photo using the VSCO app, and the photos have a similar vibe like films. I mean, they’re nowhere exact but close! It literally includes 3 simple steps, adding the famous A6 filter, adjusting the exposure and adding some grains. And then I upload them into Adobe Photoshop and start writing on them using a pen and a Watcom drawing tablet.

So as you can tell by the title, for today’s very first Digital Journal, I’m sharing with you some autumnal inspired iPhonexVSCO images in a very raw format. The photos’ quality is not as good compared to DSLR’s, of course, but this is supposed to be like a film camera lookalike. You can think of it like sneak peeks into my personal journal but in a digital version.  Hope you enjoy!


The past month and a half, I spent most of my time applying for jobs and browsing furniture shops both online and in-store for our apartment space. I seriously considered changing my career from fashion to interior decor and design. I loved the process from looking for what’s out there at the shops (just like clothes-shopping, you know!) to envision how it would look like with everything in the apartment as a whole. We recently repainted one of the wall from a very weird mossy green to a dark grayish navy, got a few more plants, and a 79” bookcase. I absolutely adore everything!


I had a few friends visiting from Minnesota. We hiked Lake 22 and Goat Lake. Lake 22 was quite amazing. But Goat Lake was probably one of my favorite hikes I’ve ever done. It was 10+ mi long but was well-worth it! The weekend before, my bf and I also went on an easy hike at Discovery Park, had fruits as snacks and watched sunset by the lighthouse.


We drove near the Canada border to pick apples and took home 56 apples plus yummy farm goods, such as honey, garlic, and the sweetest pears. I’m sharing with you some pretty pics featuring: food, plants, and more pretty things.

I hope you are having a wonderful start of the week. Let me know if you think about this Digital Journal and what else I should do to make it more interesting, I will try to write bigger next time so you won’t have to squint so hard to read my commentary.

stay inspired | as always

An Trieu

Zinus mattress here & frame (linked below) | mattress protector here | Alaska Bear silk pillow cases here | Wayfare’s 79” bookcase here (very similar ones linked below) | rubber tree here

Moleskin bullet journal here | small envelopes and paper notes here

hiking places mentioned: Lake 22, Discovery Park (blog post here), Goat Lake

places in Washington mentioned: Lake Union and Chandler’s Crabhouse, Rockwood Farm in Snoqualmie, West Elm in downtown Seattle, Volunteer Park, Homestead Seattle plant Shop, Din Tai Fung at U Village, Ocho for tapas in Ballard, Pike Place in downtown | Apple Creek Orchards in Ferndale