Hi everyone, here we go again for another favorite post! Here are 5 things I’ve loved dearly in the past few summer months:

  1. Spyhouse (Broadway, North East location): Since I’m getting back in the groove of things like studying and blogging (at least I’m trying to be consistent!), coffee shops, especially Spyhouse, are my frequent places! After work, I usually just head to Spyhouse, NE, order a cold brew, and sit there with my laptop and books zoning away! I don’t get home until the shop is closed, 10-11 pm. Since starting working at this new job, I don’t go to the mall as often on the weekdays anymore, and coffee stops like this have been my favorite thing to do. Make a strop at any Spyhouse locations in the Twin Cities areas, you’ll get my vibe as well!Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
  2. The black bodysuit– super low cut in the back- has been my favorite thing to pair up this summer. I’ve been pretty much rocking this black one I got from Free People a while ago, wearing just a sticky bra no strappy business, and leaving the back open-free, cute and sexy!IMG_5371
  3. This H&M swimsuit was bought at an unplanned lake day couple weeks back. Of course, hanging out with a Minnesotan boy in the summer, you’ve gotta be prepared with beach towel, swimsuit, and sunscreen in the car 24/7! It’s true!!! This swimsuit was less than $40 I remember. It’s kinda too girly to my taste because of the color light pink, but I like how it’s scalloped at the seam all around. It’s cute!!!Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
  4. Modern Love – The podcast. Every single episode I’ve listened to from this Modern Love podcast has been my favorite! At work, since some of the tasks can get very repetitive, we usually be on our phone listening to podcast episodes or music or audible books. I’ve found this podcast after typing the New York Times in the search bar in the “podcast” app, or it’s easily found in the Googleplay as well. Every episode was read by different actors, actresses, or authors whose voices are amazing! I love how they incorporate the music and subtle sound effect, super addicting let me warn you!!! But seriously, give it a listen if you wanna change it up from your regular boring radio music when driving or if you’re just a hopeless romantic like me!
  5. Can couple of songs be counted as my last favorite this month? You should definitely check them out:

Hope June or the first half of 2016 has been amazing! Hope you found something cool out of my list of favorites this month! Stay inspired!!!