Say what? June is here, and that means it’s time for the past month’s favorites! I’m starting this series as an excuse of sharing more things I love (besides fashion) in the past month. It could be a restaurant I’d been to, a dish, a local spot, a Youtuber, a song, an outfit, etc… and the endless things that make up what we all call: LIFE. I love documenting it as a part of a diary, personally, and I’d love to share it with you. Hope you also enjoy!

  1. The Vince sliders/sandals that I got on sale for $150 from the DSW store at MOA. They were expensive as you know it, but I was desperate for a more lux version then flipflops before my trip to DC/NYC end of April. They gave me 4 huge blisters at the inner parts of my feet for walking in these newly bought leather ones. They’re now fully broken in and have been on my feet almost everyday. Trust me, these Vince sliders are my dream ones!
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  2. The Monster has made the list, of course. Can’t you tell how majestic this creature is? He’s a Tillandsia, or people like to call him airplant as he doesn’t need food nor dirt. I found him at a random greenhouse in Prior Lake for $11. The sellers told me to sprinkle or spray water on him couple times a week and occasionally bath him in rain water for half an hour, and that’s all the care he needs. Hopefully he stays well as you might know that I don’t have a green thumb at all. Hah! I’ve placed him on top of my initial cup I got from Anthropologie, and don’t you agree this combo is a beaut!?IMG_4803
  3. Nancy’s senior prom. Nancy is my closest and favorite cousin. She went to prom this past May with her friends. I did her makeup, hair, and nails… the whole sha-bang. I’m so proud as to how much she has grown and matured through years! Good luck baby!IMG_4191
  4. My 2 cartilage piercings. I got them done at a Pagoda booth at a local mall super spontaneously. I’m glad that these had turned out beautifully. I have 4 piercings on the left ear and just one on the other side. These two new cartilage ones did swell on me for couple of days like a week after I got them done, like literally my ear got super red and big. I just cleaned them using the solution I bought and some alcohol every day, and they seem to heal pretty well. Next stop is tattoos for sure!Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
  5. Chokers. Need I say more? They’re everywhere this season. I love things that accentuate the neck, check out my last outfit post for the deets! You can literally wear chokers with any outfits, and they instantly add a touch of 90’s throwback or coolness to them. This choker I wear is from Zara as it comes in a pack of two: this plain black suede one and the other one has floral rhinestones on it. You can literally DYI them by simply cutting off some suede/leather/strings of any fabric kinds and wrap it around your neck. Processed with VSCO with a6 presetYay, congrats for making it to the end of this post! I hope June treats you well! Please come back for more outfit inspirations and things I love in life!

Thanks for reading and have an amazing productive week!

stay inspired | as always

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