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Hi to everyone.
My name is An Trieu!

I am the editor and the mind behind Style and Senses, a blog about all things fashion, beauty, travel. Come along to get inspired!

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Camel Chunky Scarf & Red Block Heels

This is my first winter in Seattle. I have noticed that we get some random days with a few short hours of sunlight, and majority of the time it feels like the entire city is under a never-ending gloom. At least ice does not pile up, and snow quickly turns into mush. I have also learnt quickly to appropriately layer…


My Top 5 Favorite Foundations

I don’t wear foundation every day but often reach for light coverage BB or CC cream. A tinted moisturizer or sometimes just a layer of moisturizer that contains sunscreen is good enough for my daily work face and running errands. I work in a lab, so sometimes I find myself lazy to really dress up and put on a full…

Fashion, Outfit Pairings

Hooded Maxi Trench – 2 Ways

One of my favorite purchases the past month is this Zara trench coat that I found in their winter sale. Trenches are my favorite transition outerwear from winter to spring. Here I’m styling it 2 ways: Sporty and Classy. Enjoy the looks! THE SPORTY turtleneck | Uniqlo  *watch | Berg + Betts the Original use code: STYLEANDSENSES for 20% off  skinny jeans…

Fashion, Outfit Pairings

Chiffon Dress & Thigh-high boots

I added this dress immediately to the ‘Currently Loving’ section on the front page of my blog after seeing it on the Mango website a while ago. And it finally went on sale. I love its femininity in the cut and the fabric, yet it still has potential to be styled in a more masculine way. Imagine a black leather jacket…

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Kozha Number | The Mini Safe

Happy Monday! I have a day off today, so catching up with blogging and planning more content for the blog sound just about a perfect plan. I am currently sitting at home finishing up my double shot on ice (yup, that venti size I got for free as a birthday reward from Starbucks yesterday!). It is gorgeous and sunny out today…

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V-Day Quotes & A ‘From You To You’ Love-list

Happy Valentine’s Day! This post is solely dedicated to all ladies out there, whether you are taken or not, to just know that you always deserve the best. Take some time to treat yourself something nice, a facial or a splurge buy from something you have been loving but hesitated to get for yourself. I am sharing with you my…

Outfit Pairings

Denim & Gingham Pairing

Happy Monday! I hope you have had a great start to your Monday! I have finally had this outfit pairing up with details linked at the end of this post! I thought it was cool that this outfit choice coincidentally matched the colors of the city skyline and the gray rainy weather. Feel free to add any warm layers on…

Fashion, Outfit Pairings

Floral Blouse & Light Wash Denim

I found this brown blouse with tulip & other flower print at the H&M sale last weekend. When I used to live in MN and own a car, I browsed the shops almost every day of the week. It was like my cardio back then. I don’t own a car these days, so bus riding was my main way of getting…