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Hi to everyone.
My name is An Trieu!

I am the editor and the mind behind Style and Senses, a blog about all things fashion, beauty, travel. Come along to get inspired!

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Digital Journal

All captured with my iPhone with rough sketches and personal touches.

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Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel Diary

BainBridge & Deception Pass

We took a full advantage of the nice weather and drove to the north and took the ferry to the west side (the next day), exploring areas that we had never been to before. I got a few Deception Pass suggestions from co-workers, so we ended up going there since it was not too far from Seattle. So a day…

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Beret, Cropped Sweater, & Plaid Pants

Happy Friday! I just want to quickly jump in here and express my gratitude to so many of you who read my last blog post and sent me messages and comments. I’ve figured since you all enjoyed reading blog-related topics like that, especially those that were drawn from my personal experience, I would love to continue sharing more things of…

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Inspiration, Lifestyle, Outfit Pairings

Staying True & Kind To Yourself

A heart-to-heart conversation of a twenty-something to her younger, current, and future self. Hope this might touch some of you! No matter where you are in life, how old you are, how achieved or successful you are, it is difficult not to compare yourself to other people. Growing up, I constantly feel like I needed to fit in, needed to…

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Fashion, Outfit Pairings

Born In The 90s

I saw this graphic long sleeved T-shirt at the Brandy Melville store and immediately knew that I had to get it. I love the stripe rainbow/flag print in the front and the big ‘France 1990’ printed along the left sleeve. Brandy Melville is one of my favorite places to get white Tshirts, graphic Ts, and sweaters in general. I don’t…

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Fashion, Outfit Pairings

Styling My Dream AllSaints Leather Jacket

I am so excited seeing sunshine and warmer days ahead. Trees are filled with so many floral buds waiting for enough warmer and rainy days to start blossoming. Even on the streets where fashion weeks are happening, I can endlessly scroll through my Instagram feed and see so many colorful spring-inspired outfit pairings. I’d say to start building up your…

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Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

5 Fashion & Beauty Tools That Changed My Life

Happy Tuesday! Seattle is so sunny and gorgeous today. I cannot wait for spring to come as I heard spring is one of the most gorgeous seasons here in Seattle! Meanwhile, I hope you are staying warm and productive wherever you are since winter is still here! So let’s keep the happy thought as better warmer days will come! For…

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Fashion, Outfit Pairings

Camel Chunky Scarf & Red Block Heels

This is my first winter in Seattle. I have noticed that we get some random days with a few short hours of sunlight, and majority of the time it feels like the entire city is under a never-ending gloom. At least ice does not pile up, and snow quickly turns into mush. I have also learnt quickly to appropriately layer…

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My Top 5 Favorite Foundations

I don’t wear foundation every day but often reach for light coverage BB or CC cream. A tinted moisturizer or sometimes just a layer of moisturizer that contains sunscreen is good enough for my daily work face and running errands. I work in a lab, so sometimes I find myself lazy to really dress up and put on a full…

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