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Everlane The Modern Loafer Mule – 1 Piece 3 Ways

If you are on a hunt for the ‘it’ summer shoes, look no further than Everlane. Remember I did an Everlane Brand Focus and review their high rise skinny? Read it here. I also styled their line notch shirt, see it here. Everlane has also been releasing lots of cute colorful summer clothing items which I’m so tempted to buy,…

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Sunset and Sweater

One of my favorite things to do on a weekend is to walk around the pier at sunset. And dinner afterward is a must. Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I decided to walk the dock at Lake Union before the sun was setting. We stayed in making brunch and binging on all episodes of Stranger Things, season 2. Knowing we…

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Denim Jacket & LDB | Writing for The Volk

Happy Friday! For day 8 of BEDS, I’m sharing with you two exciting news. drum roll, please!!!! … * I WROTE AN ARTICLE FOR A FASHION MAGAZINE! * You’ll have to scroll down to read more about it at the end of this post. And I’ll also have a direct link to where you can get a hand on the copy…

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Summer, Please Stay!

Day 4 of 30 days blogging in September. My cousin just came up with an acronym for this series, instead of me saying it every time, 30 days of blogging is now BEDS which stands for Blogging Every Day of September. I thought it’s kinda cute, so let’s call it that! BEDS! I’m blogging on a Sunday night, obviously to get…

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Seeing Double

Happy September 1st! This month, I’m going to challenge myself by blogging every day. Like many Youtubers, they do something like Vlogtober where they would vlog every single day in the month of October. I thought it would be cool to try blogging every day. I have a lot of great content shot from my trip to Hawaii from styling…

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SADE – All White Pairing

SADE? What does SADE mean? Or who is SADE? I did ask this question before purchasing the T-shirt to make sure that it didn’t have any offensive meaning. The sale associate at Urban Outfitters wasn’t sure either, but then she told me SADE could have been the name of a black single hence the graphic in the back. I tried…

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Spring Pastels

Happy first day of summer! The weather has been heavenly beautiful, and I hope you’re enjoying it as well. Sometimes, I’d wish to switch to the 8 to 4:30 work schedule rather than the current 9 to 5:30. Even in the summer when the sun sets later, it still feels so short. Going for a walk in a park, biking,…

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Pairing the Gucci-Inspired Jeans

How was your Halloween weekend? I  went This outfit was shot in downtown Madison couple weeks ago at the end of my road-trip down to Chicago (read more of my Travel Diary in Chicago, here!) Photo credit: Toan Chu sweater T: Zara | jeans: Zara | heels: Vince | bag: PS mini Elliot An Trieu

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A Fall Day At The Cliff

Mid-October, fall in Minnesota was extra breath-taking! These photos were shot at the cliff near the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN. It’s hard to tell the exact location, but there’s a creek with a very short hike that leads to a tiny fall, and I’m pretty sure it’s called the Shadow Falls. My friends and I usually go there…