Off-the-shoulder Top & Straight Crop Jeans

How can June be half-way already? I hope you’re staying cool these humid and muggy days. Summer is sure coming!

 Can you even believe that I’m still recovering from LA? With this weather, it doesn’t help regardless of how many hours of sleep I’ve been trying to fit in. I’ve wakened up late for work twice this week already. How bad?! My shift starts quite late compared to a lot of people, and I still show up late. I’m glad that my workplace is flexible, and they understand there will be days when things like this happen.

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It’s been a solid 3 weeks after I officialy signed up and included the gym into my daily routine. You can read more about my motivation and why I decided to join the gym, here. I came back from LA on Monday, and I finally made an effort to go to the gym yesterday, Tuesday night. I’d like to go to the gym quite late in the day, preferably around 9:30 pm or so. I know it’s late. But I just can’t wake myself up early at 6:30 am for it anymore. It’s been going really well as I can tell my legs start to tone up (just a bit!), and it’s made quite a difference in my daily mood as well. There were days that I hit the right music, I could run for about 20 minutes with minimal breaks. I think music is super important, especially at the gym since everyone is on their own working out. I’ve been playing music suggested by Spotify by simply searching for ‘workout’ or ‘cardio’ in the search bar. But they all seem to be either too fast or not fitting to my taste. So I kinda have been curating my own music, linked below. My music is kinda slow, moody, but has interesting beats and rhythms to it. It’s hard to explain, but I hope you’d give it a listen. I will periodically add more as I go. But overall, gym has done wonders to my body and soul. 🙂


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Today I’m back with a super simple outfit pairing, per usual. I bought this light yellow off-the-shoulder top for less than $10 from a sale rack at Nordstrom Rack couple weeks ago when they had a spring clear-out sale with extra 25% off. Sometimes, I feel bad that I can’t link you guys the clothes that I’ve bought since the majority is from sales. Lots of people have asked if I return my clothes. Yes and no! After wearing it for a shoot or wear it out for a short amount of time, I might end up not liking the materials or the fit, I return them But I go shopping a lot, and most of my stuff is final sales. And that means I can’t return them. I tend to buy things that are basics, designers, and I pay for a dirt-cheap price compared to their original price anyways. If fashion is your passion, you’d understand! Well, at least the jeans are still available. I’ve linked the exact same pair at the end of this post. They’re my current favorite ones from Urban Outfitters, and the brand is BDG. They’re called, the high-waisted kick flare with the raw cut hem. I wish I went a size smaller. My waist is size 25, and these 25 sized ones are slightly loose on me since they’re made from a super stretchy fabric. So yes, please size down!

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Well, at least I hope you’re taking my outfit pairing ideas as an inspiration for your future shopping or styling opportunities.

OUTFIT DETAILS: top: Topshop | jeans: BDG from Urban Outfitters | necklaces: Zara | heels: Rebecca Minkoff

stay inspired | as always

An Trieu.


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