Best of 2018 – 5 High-End Beauty Products Worth the Splurge

2018 is rolling near its end, and that means it is time for best-of the year round-up blog posts. I really enjoy browsing others’ best-of posts and videos, so I hope you’d enjoy mine too! Here are my best 5 high-end beauty products in 2018 that I think they are absolutely worth the price tags. Let me know in the comment section your top 5 as others and I would love to know!


This $52 solid primer is all you need to keep your face makeup last all day. I’ve used this Smashbox one, this Benefit Porefessional one, and this Becca one, and this Tatcha primer tops them all. It comes in a slightly larger palm-size pot with a twist-able lid, very thoughtfully designed and beautiful. Its texture is velvety, and it rubs in clear. It works as a protective layer derived from botanicals for you skin, prevents clogged pores, minimizes excess shine and creates a soft focus. I do notice the difference of my makeup on days that I have this primer on and days that I don’t. I reach for it everyday! It also comes with a small circular disk that you can use to scoop up the product. I only need a pea-size every time as a little goes a long way. I store the pot in its box along with the disk, so things won’t get misplaced. I know it is recommended to be used for face, eyes, and lips, but it doesn’t do its job at keeping my eyelids oil-free all day. Only this NARS one works, and I haven’t found anything better. My tip for a smooth and even application of this primer or any products is you always want to make sure you moisturize your face.

2. Luminous Silk Foundation – Giorgio Armani

This foundation is the best foundation I have ever tried and ever put on my face!

Seriously! It’s $64 for 1 oz. of product, but I’m sure it will last forever. It is even more expensive that the Chanel ones I have. (I have this Aqua one and this Vitalumiere one.) The coverage is sheer to moderate and definitely build-able. I especially love how natural, velvety yet smoothly looking it is. I get compliments every time either how perfect my skin is or how beautiful my makeup is. Trust me, no one has perfect skin! And my secret is this foundation, really!!! I’m currently down to the last drops of the first bottle that I got two years ago and transitioning to my second one. I got it at the Nordstrom downtown Portland last time I went there since there was no sale tax there. I’d definitely pick up another one next time when I’m there.


This bottle is $99, labeled as a mini size. I’m pretty sure it is some sort of magical unicorn water for your skin. I’m half way into the bottle and trying to use it super sparingly. It is so expensive. But if you ask me, it is hella worth it! I did a poll on my Insta-stories last time asking for you skincare recommendation, and lots of you told me to try this SKii essence. So I did! It is so gentle and luxurious on the skin. I usually pour the liquid directly into the palm of my hand, share it to the other palm, and pat it quickly on my face and down my neck. And my skin loves it and soaks it up instantly. The only complain I have is the after smell, especially on my palm. It smells kinda stinky but disappears in a few seconds.

Why essence? The goal is to really target hydrating the skin. It is packed with active ingredients, vitamins and antioxidants. This is SKII’s best selling and most proud of product. According to the Sephora website, this essence consists of over 90% PITERA, know as ‘a bio-ingredient’ or the yeast extract that helps renew skin, boost moisture and randiance, and combat signs of aging’. I got this kit which consisted of the $99 essence, the lotion which I used it up already, and the tiny jar of their moisturizer. I personally think it it so worth it to start investing in good skincare products now, the earlier the better. If you can afford it and know that things are made from good ingredients, invest in them.

4. Ambient Lighting Edit Unlocked Palette – Hourglass

You need to run to the nearest store that carries this palette and get it right now before it is sold out world-wide. The palette costs $80 + tax and consists of 6 powders: 2 Ambient Lighting Powder in Soft Light and Filtered Light, a bronzer in Golden Bronze Light, 2 blushes in Nude Glow and Mood Flush, and a Metallic Strobe Lighting Powder in Champagne Strobe Light. Ah, it is the best investment palette I’ve spent this year. I bring this palette everywhere I go. I pretty much use it every single day ever since I’ve got it. I know it’s limited edition and sold out everywhere. I got lucky and got it couple weeks ago at Barney’s New York website. It was the only store that had it at the time.


I love Chanel makeup, especially their finishing powders!

I love its old-school scent, subtly fragrant yet calming. This is the compact version which comes with a mirror and a sculpted half-moon brush that I highly recommend for travel. It is not only great and convenient to use but also look great. It’s Chanel, and its logo is really iconic, you know! This compact is $58 and comes in 7 no-failed shades! I love that it is sheer and looks so natural on. My forehead and cheekbones tend to get really shiny at the end of the day, and this product is always what I reach for. I don’t even need a mirror when applying it since it is so sheer and natural on. It takes away the shine and does not cake up. It is and always has been my fail-safe product that I’d recommend everyone to have in their bag! Get it and the ‘thank yous’ go in the comment section below!

Let me know what other topics for the Best of, 2018 version! I will be sure to cover it in the next posts! Stay tuned for the next fashion investment pieces that I purchased this year! Thanks a lot for stopping by!

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    I discovered the Tatcha Primer this year as well and love it!

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