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As much as I love experimenting with different makeup looks and outfits, I am quite the opposite when it comes to hair. After many attempts to have it bleached and dyed, I choose to keep it as its natural color in the recent year. I have some highlights left from my last dye job, so I thought it would be nice to have it dyed back to my natural color. Moreover, spring is in the air, so it seems like such a perfect opportunity to freshen up my look for such an occasion. For today’s post, I have partnered with Schwarzkopf® color ULTÎME® to show you I color my hair at home. Schwarzkopf® color ULTÎME® has fashionable and vibrant hair colors that defy fading up to 9 weeks of color shine. Their products are affordable and easy to use too! The color that best resembles my natural hair is Rich Brown, shade 4.1.


The box contains:

1 pair of gloves, Applicator Bottle with Developer Lotion (2 fl oz.), Color Cream (shade 4.1, 2 fl oz – 60 ml), Conditioning Treatment with Diamond Brilliance Serum (1.7 fl oz – 50 ml), and an Instruction Leaflet.

Important Advice:


My hair is quite short, so I am going to use the entire tube of the Color Cream. Here are 10 easy steps:

Step 1. Pierce the Color Cream tube sealing with the reverse side of the cap.

Step 2. Squeeze the whole content of the tube into the Application Bottle which already contains the Developer Lotion.

Step 3. Screw the bottle firmly and shake it vigorously until all components are thoroughly mixed and turned into a smooth cream.


Step 4. Carefully open the cap and immediately yet slowly apply on desired sections of hair. Here, I have already sectioned out my hair using some hair tights and clips. After mixing, the product is ready to be used straight from the bottle, but I have found that using a hair brush helps with even and faster application.

Step 5. Run fingers through hair, massage gently to ensure even application, and allow the hair mixture to process for 30 minutes.

Step 6. Rinse out the hair with warm water until water runs clear. 

Step 7. Finally, shampoo and rinse out thoroughly.


Step 8. Towel dry hair and apply the Intense Conditioning Treatment.

Step 9. Allow it to work for 2 – 3 minutes and rinse out thoroughly.

Step 10. Apply heat protectant or nourishing oil and style as desired. As directed, the Conditioning Treatment is sufficient for 3 – 4 applications. I have used half of the tube to ensure color freshness and moisture locked in.


Here is the stunning result of using 1 pack of the Schwarzkopf® color ULTÎME®. My hair looks and feels much softer and healthier. No more unattractive brassy burnt ends! The Rich Brown shade matches my natural hair color perfectly, and it is very ‘true to box’ color result. ​

Before [/one_half]

After [/one_half_last] Please read the instructions carefully and take precautions when working with any chemicals at home. For at-home hair color application like this, I find that it works best if the hair dye/color is a few shades lighter or darker than the natural hair color. Schwarzkopf® color ULTÎME® products are available at the hair product aisle at all Walmart stores as we as online on

 Schwarzkopf® color ULTÎME® products are available at the hair product aisle at all Walmart stores as we as online on (HERE). You can also look for more color inspiration HERE!

Schwarzkopf® color ULTÎME® available at Walmart stores near you.

Thanks, Schwarzkopf® color ULTÎME® for sponsoring, and thank YOU for reading! I truly believe in the effect of hair color have on our complexion. The right color can brighten our face, even out skin tone, and radiate positive energy. I have a darker complexion and olive skin undertone, so brown shades really suit me. Let me know in the comment section what you think about this new hair color on me? 
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