Glossier Play The Playground Review

Glossier has recently released a new beauty line, Glossier Play. It had definitely got me curious after days of sneak peeks of what seems to be fun and colorful. I initially thought that it was some sort of music app or a unisex makeup line.

Tell me that I am biased, but I am such a big fan of Glossier as a brand. I adore their website (it’s so fun to browse), their showrooms (in NY and LA, both I have been!), their packaging or basically everything they do. Their product quality and performance, however, are average, but I think there is something for everyone.

I have watched and researched enough about all Glossier products from skincare to makeup. I own their famous Boy Brow, Lask Slick, Glossier You, Balm Dotcom, and Cloud Paint. Their products are definitely not for everyone, yet I think there is something there for everyone! I highly recommend you make a visit to their showrooms if you are in New York or LA and experience what Glossier is all about in person. I am sure you will spot some die-hard fans taking photos, and I am one of them.

And did I say that I freakin’ love their branding, from the UX on their website, packaging, names of their products.

Watch me unbox and try on one of everything from The Playground, Glossier Play’s starter pack.

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Did you know that 73% of internet traffic in 2016 was from videos? According to forecasts released by CISCO, it’s predicted to rise to 82% in 2021? – source, here. Besides a blog with content mostly photos and text-based, a Youtube channel is a powerful medium to create and share video content that I have been wanting to get started on. 2019 is the year, and this is just the beginning!

I am ready.

Official Youtube channel is under my name, An Trieu:

The vision: 

High-quality, creative, and unique content.

I hope to bring in other talented makers and creatives who are in this to help simplify life problems, inspire, and do good. On a simpler note, I just want to do more and hope to touch a few individuals out there one way or another, focusing on what I am passionate the most in, fashion, beauty, and everything lifestyle-related topics. Anything that sparks my interest, really!

Think of it as my digital journal, an extension of my blog Style & Senses.

Who is my target audience? 

Fashion and beauty lovers, regardless of their age, genders, and background. My videos are served as a source of inspiration where people can go to at the start of their day to kick off the day’s positive vibe and energy or help them to wind down and relax at the end of the day.

Production Schedule: 

Ideally, I would love to have one video uploaded once a week, specifically every Wednesday! Happy hump day!

The challenges: 

I am well aware that the first few videos will be on the test-run/trial period with separate voice-over, reading from a script (yes, I’m new to this and still quite shy! Trust me, my mouth has an invisible zipper that shuts every time the camera turns on!). In addition, English is not my first language, and public speaking is never my strong proud suit. While I have my boyfriend to take care of the technical sides and helps me with recording and editing, there are so much to learn, and things we can change to do better.

The future: 

I will, of course, pay close attention to the subscriber list, comments, and any feedback I receive along the way and figure out what’s working and what isn’t. And we will go from there!

If you are new, welcome! Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel! Your likes and comments will also help to bring my videos to more audience! Thanks for your support!

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