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Couple of blog posts ago, I shared with you guys my IUD experience. It was one of the most liberating experience that I have had in my 20s thus far. And for today’s blog post, I want to share with you all about my waxing experience and what I use to take care of the hair and skin down there.


We all have them, but for some reasons, they are still taboo to talk about. For many cultures, pubic hair is expected to keep ‘au naturel’ and covered at all times. For some, it is the norm to have it all removed or styled. Regardless of all backgrounds and cultures, I think the decision to leave it natural or remove is completely personal. You do you as long as you see it fits and is your proper hygiene.

My Waxing Experience

About two years ago, I decided to have my pubic hair all removed via waxing. I had heard of sugar waxing and laser hair removal. I chose the waxing route since it was the cheaper option for me. I got a Pre-paid Wax Pass at European Wax Center because it was convenient and they have a lot of locations nearby. I get 9 FULL wax services with 3 additional free waxes as a first-time guest. Since I want everything off (the Brazilian), I do have to pay additional $7 for it every time. It was not cheap, but that was the only way I could save the most, 25%. Luckily, they let us pay in payments on the monthly basis. I had to go to Portland once early last year since there was none in Seattle.

European Wax Center (EWC) has recently opened 4 locations in Seattle. Now, I go to the EWC in Factoria, Bellevue location. Back in December 2018, they offered free services since the waxer were still in training. I got mine wax by both of the trainer who flew in from Florida and the waxer in training. And I’ve got to admit, the trainer was one of the best waxers I have ever seen. She understands how the pubic hair growth patterns and how much hot wax to pick up and apply on my skin. Within seconds, the leftover hair which was not completely removed by the new waxer was stripped gone and clean. I had to stay ‘half naked’ for like half an hour, but that was expected.

Ingrown & Breakouts

Dealing with ingrown hair was the worst thing imaginable. Again, I have coarse hair, and it grows back thick! Just like how you would get bumps, white heads, and black heads on your face, the same problems happens down there. Without care, I get lots of inflamed pores, mostly in the front pubic and bikini area which quickly turn into what seem like ‘pimples or zits.’ It gets itchy and very uncomfortable sometimes. There was one time I would get huge bumps, and one of them had a few short pieces of hair stuck inside.

Care Products

Throughout the years, I was lazy to pick up any products that the waxers at EWC offered. Unless I have a beach vacation or pool-related activities, I don’t come back that often. No hair meant not much maintenance nor weird odor, but I was wrong! Turned out all I needed is help from oil, serum, or exfoliating products. The wax technician at EWC finally talked me into buying a bottle of their Smooth Me Ingrown Hair Serum. I’m not the fan of the scent, but I notice the improved skin and hair the next time when it grows back. I have been using it consistently, especially during the first week or two after each fresh wax visit.


Early December of 2018, Fur reached out and wanted to send me their mini Fur Oil to use and review. Fur is a 100% natural and vegan friendly gender-fluid body hair and skin company. Even though Fur is advertised for pubic skin and hair, it can actually be used anywhere in the body. They also attached their Brand Book which introduced fur and highlighted their beautiful products and ingredients. Fur products include Fur Oil, Stubble Cream, Ingrown Concentrate, and Silk Scrub.

Fur Oil

Fur Oil is specifically designed for pubic hair and skin, but it can be used on chest, legs, underarms, and face. Key ingredients are grape seed oil, jojoba oil, clary sage oil, and tea tree oil. Fur Oil has a slightly citrusy candy scent which dissipates quickly. I love that it is lightweight, non-greasy and surprisingly effective. I do notice a huge difference in my skin and hair down there after using this oil ever since. My hair grows back more uniformly and evenly. Overall, it feels a lot softer. I have less ingrown, and the skin is definitely clearer. It has quickly become a staple product that I reach for as a part of my nighttime routine.

Exfoliation is a crucial step when hair removal is involved. I have learn my lesson the hard way since the bumpy scary breakout! I love Fur’s products, packaging, images, and the brand aesthetic in general. After seeing my post on Insta-stories, they kindly offered another product to try for a review.

Silk Scrub

I picked out the Silk Scrub, a product that I would not think to splurge on again. Key ingredients are jojoba beads, papaya and pineapple enzymes, glycolic and lactic acids, and clary sage oil. Jojoba beads are the natural exfoliators (much better alternatives than plastic beads). AHA, papaya and pineapple enzymes are popular exfoliating ingredients used in lots of treatment and mask products.

I adore the packaging of this Silk Scrub. It comes with a sturdy twisted upside down cap. I like to keep it in the shower and use to exfoliate dead skin cells when needed. I have tried it once as a face mask, but I get tiny dry bumps on the cheeks the next day. However, my pubes are fine with it! I love that it does not have any particular smell. It is not messy nor greasy at all. I love that it leaves my skin super smooth afterward especially on days that my hair starts to grow back after waxing.

Get $10 off any Fur products: here.

Waxing can seem intimidating at first, but trust me, it gets better. I feel like I can take care of that part of my body ever since. Well, at least to me who has been dealing with so many insecurities all my life. I was afraid of people who would judge me and my hairy problem. Having laid there bottom naked is a vulnerable thing that I have to convince myself to keep it calm and cool. Think of it like something that we all have to do one day. Doctor visits, childbirth, and many things we do for the beauty sake. Whether you choose to keep it all natural, shave, or wax it all, I hope you choose to do it for YOU and please don’t forget the aftercare!

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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored nor paid by European Wax Center. Fur did not know I wrote this blog post either. Fur gifted mentioned products in exchange for my honest reviews. The referral link above is available for anyone to use on their website, you can get $10 off if your friends buy Fur from your link as well.

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