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I am a pretty low maintenance person when it comes to makeup. Makeup is expensive, so when I find something that works and is reasonably priced, I stay loyal. Brows are my absolutely must-have-on before heading out of the door. I forget to comb my hair but do not forget to do my brow, like ever. I mean, it is rare that I do. I used to get my brows waxed for free by my aunt, but I found out my skin was too sensitive to the hot wax. I grew a bunch of ‘watery’ zits around the brow area after waxing every time, so I stopped getting it done. Threading would seem like a better solution, but I could never justify how expensive that was. So I plug and shave my own brows.

After years of experimenting, I have found the right products, methods, and techniques to perfect my brows’ shape depending on my mood of the day or what look I am going for. I can make them as thick or thin, dark or light, bushy or tamed, and however as my heart desires. Thanks to technology and the fast-growing makeup industry, there are tons of products out there with different formulations and price points that serve different needs of people. I have done my brows using brow powder, brow gel, concealer/shaper for brows, and brow wiz . They were all amazing products that I could guarantee to you that they worked. But the pomade and the angled flat brush options featured below, are what I have been reaching for and repurchasing for years now. Lately, however, I have been loving the natural bushy eyebrows and have found a product that does just that. Those products are shown below, so read on!

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Anastasia Beverly Hill DIPBROW™ Pomade in dark brown & medium brown

Anastasia Beverly Hill brush #7B

 Sigma E75 brush


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Glossier Boy Brow in black





Below is what my natural brows look like. 

They are pretty spare at the inner/center of my face, and usually, I’d like to arch them at the 2/3 outer corners of my brows.


AFTER– left side: pomade (shade dark brown) filled using the angled flat brush | right side: Boy Brow only.

Let’s compare them side by side again.

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FINAL THOUGHTS: The pomade and the angled flat brush are my go-to failed safe brow doer for years. I wear thicker and more filled-in brows whenever I have a full face of makeup on like for events and on weekends. I rotate between using the darker and the medium pomade shade as well as using the Sigma E#75 (softer) brush and the Anastasia (stiffer) #7B brush depending on my mood. When shooting this post, I asked my boyfriend in terms of which side of my face that he liked. Funny how he ended up liking my right side better! Even though the right side almost looked like I had nothing on my brows, just slightly more filled in and hair brushed up a bit. He said it’s because I did my brows looked like blocks all the time, so it was quite refreshing seeing me with less filled-in brows. I had to agree. It takes time to get my eyes get used to the less filled-in brow look, but I am a changed woman now thanks to the Boy Brow discovery. Normally for work, I just have some light layer of BB cream, concealer, eye primer and some shadows, mascara, and brows on of course. I have also been cutting down on using eyeliner, so having less filled-in brows is something I definitely am trying to train my eyes and head into thinking they look just fine.

My coworker has recently mentioned about this tinted brow mascara from NYX, a cheaper alternative, so I really need to try it soon. What is your brow routine? Tell me your favorite brow products in the comment section below.

Have a productive week!




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