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July Favorites 2017

Hi everyone, August is here, so it’s time to talk about July Favorites. I’ve gathered 5 things per usual that I love, so read on! ∴ one ∴ MANGO’s earrings…

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Wanderer. ˈwändərər/a person who travels aimlessly; a traveler. That is a google translation. I’d like to be seen as a wanderer or called as one. Well, most of the time….

General Favorites

June Favorites 2017

Happy July, everyone! Well, time sure does fly fast. The month of June has quickly gone by, and we’re well into summer. As always, I’ve rallied up 5 things I…

General Favorites

May Favorites 2017

ddHappy June!!! Summer is quickly approaching as I can smell it in the air. The sun is out with its full force here in the Twin Cities. Make sure you…