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H&M is my #1 recommended retail stores for any style beginners. H&M, H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB, is a Swedish multinational clothing retail company that is the second-largest global company, just behind Spain-based Inditex parent company of Zara (of course!). H&M owns other individual brands with separate concepts: & Other Stories, COS (Collection Of Styles), and Monki, Weekday, Cheap Monday which belong to FaBric Scandinavien AB, a Swedish fashion company, but got bought out by H&M.

According to Wiki (I know, I know!), H&M was founded by Erling Persson in 1947. He opened a shop and called it Hennes, Swedish for “hers,” exclusively sold women’s clothing. In 1968, Persson acquired Mauritz Widforss, a hunting apparel retailer, and menswear was added and the name was changed to Hennes & Mauritz. The first H&M store was opened in London in 1976 and in New York in 2000. Its 3,000th store opened in September 2013 in Chengdu, China. They later expanded selling home furnishing, and there are now H&M Home stores located internationally.

Phew, was that too much history and too many facts for y’all?

Let’s take it a bit easier now that I’m gonna share with you 5 tips and tricks to shop at H&M, one of my favorite stores to shop at the malls.

  1. Always shop at the sales: I always walk straight to the sale sections at any H&M stores. It depends on which locations, really, that they have different sale price points and different clothing items. They always have stuff on sale, especially towards any holidays, big or small. I browse their sales very often just in hope to find unique items with a great deal.
  2. The $35 price cutting point: But, $35 is the cutting point that I’ve noticed that separates their lower vs. higher range for H&M.With H&M, I expect items more than $35 to be better in cut, fit and fabric. And anything below that, I don’t expect much out of it besides certain on-trend key features on the items that I was dying to get.
  3. Editorial or expensive look-for-less is possible: Like the sweater dress I wore in this outfit post, was priced $75 originally and 50% off, hence I paid $35. I was shopping at Barneys New York when I was in Seattle visiting my boyfriend, and the sale associate asked if I got it at Barneys. I was like, “it’s H&M.” Items like these are harder to find. They belong to their white and tan tags, meaning they aim towards office wear or mature audience. I would pick it up right away, try on, and debate a bit whether or not I have the money for it or I will eventually wear it or not.
  4. The $7 and $15 sale price: It’s really hard to explain to you, but as a frequent shopper like me, the $7 and $15 price points mean a lot to me. I’d buy items priced originally between $25-$35 will be on sale for $7 and more than $35 for $15 if that makes any sense.
  5. Shoes and accessories, Uhm…: I don’t own any H&M shoes because I think their quality is just blah! However, I love looking at their jewelry, hats, and scarves. I’m not a big fan of wearing accessories as you can tell by many of my outfit posts, and/or I just get bored of things too easily. So I don’t tend to shop for them unless they’re sitting at the sale racks with a $3 price tags.

Alright! I can go on forever talking about shopping and deals, but let’s keep it at 5 bullet points! I hope you’ve picked up some shopping tips, so next time you don’t spend too much on something you can only wear for a few times. H&M is great for any style beginners as they offer contemporary fashion with super affordable price tags. Remember, always browse their sales!

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details: sweater dress and tights: H&M | jacker: BCBGMaxazria | boots: Vince

photos by: Toan Chu

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