Falling in Love with Silver

You may have noticed my growing love for jewelry ever since the beginning of this year. I used to buy tons of cheap jewelry from Forever 21 and H&M because they were so cheap. They either broke or got lost somewhere. I bought a pair of hoops from H&M since they were the look-alike to the Insta-famous ones from Bagatiba. The backing broke after day 2, so I said to myself to never buy cheap jewelry ever again!

I wrote about Mejuri in a Brand Focus and shared with you my Mejuri Collection that consisted of all gold pieces, here. The collection has grown ever since, so hopefully I’ll get to do an updated jewelry collection soon. I’m working with them on a cool project going live mid-October, so I’m excited for that. For today’s blog post, however, I want to share with you some thoughts about silver jewelry, and why I think they deserve to get more attention.

August 1 marked my official day that I took the Instagram account @bomajewelry and handled the posting a photo a day ever since. I actually started working with the brand, specifically Suzanne, Boma’s CEO, since July 2018. I did a blog post styling Boma jewelry a few months back, here. Suzanne contacted me a few weeks wanting to work with me to help rebrand Boma. I took the chance and knew what I wanted to change right away. I was so happy to see the open-minded and the willing to change and adapt to the new market.

Boma is based in Seattle but has their production team over in Thailand. Boma is the manufacturer. They make silver jewelry.

Boma is founded by Suzanne’s dad, named Boon, in Seattle since 1981. She told me it was initially called Bomac (Bo from Boon and Mac from Apple’s iMac/Macbook). Boon thought it was very ‘America’ and cool at the time. A few years after, he moved the production and built a manufacture in Thailand. I was asked to keep Boma’s manufacture name private because they were actually working with so many wholesalers and private partners across the U.S and the world.¬†Suzanne wanted to get Boma more recognize-able and loved by the locals here. The fact that the company is so old and having no foot-prints in Seattle, it is just mind-blowing. Locally, Boma jewelry are sold at Something silver, Fuego, and the University bookstore. But honestly, I think more people need to know about Boma and the people behind the brand. I’ve also learned that lots of people don’t even know what 925 silver is, and there needs to be more stories and educational aspects done to get the brand name out there. And to be honest with you, there are a lot more to the story and so much work to do behind-the-scene that it is either too much to talk about (and I don’t want to make you read through the details) or the information is a little more private. I just know that ever since I started working with Boma, I’ve learnt so much and grown so much as a person as well as how passionate I am in working with brands. I was able to bypass the mindset that ‘oh, I have warm skin-tone, I don’t wear gold.’ ‘Oh, Boma needs to do this or change that.’ Soon, I’ve realized change for such brands takes time, and there are so much more to it.

Boma is an incredibly great brand ran by the people who care and are proud of their work. I am proud to continue to support the company. I guess the skin-tone thing is really a myth because I’m so into silver these days. I wear Boma silver with joy and gratitude because I know the stories and the people behind this brand (although I have yet to meet everyone!). I’ve realized that I need options in life and go through phases, but if you ever ask me, I’d say, go for Mejuri for gold and Boma for silver. Give them a try and let me know what you think! (I’m not sponsored to say this by any of the companies mentioned, just an fyi!)

Follow Boma on Instagram: @bomajewelry

Boma website (for now):¬†https://bomalife.com/. There will be a lot of exciting launches coming your way on Boma’s new website, so stay tuned!

Here I’m wearing Boma’s new hoop and ring addition that will be launched in October, and my outfit details are at the end of this post!

OUTFIT DETAILS: dress: H&M | bag: Kozha Numbers | shoes: Rothy’s (gifted) | hoops and rings: Boma

Thank you so much for reading and for the continuing support for trusting my recommendations for brands that I’ve worked and am working with! Have a productive week!style and senses signature stay inspired

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