Everlane High-rise Skinny Jeans Review

My goal for Style & Senses this coming new year is to do a lot more reviews on things and brands that I love that go beyond fashion. I want to focus on style, design, and functionality and bring you meaningful stories behind everything I recommend and/or review about here on my blog. In case you don’t know, I have a series called ‘Brand Focus,’ that I talk about brands and their success stories. Brands that I choose to feature either make or create things that I have, love, and trust. And I hope you would check them out and love them as much as I do, too!

As you can see from the title, today’s Brand Focus is going to be my review on a new pair of jeans from a brand that you’ve probably heard of at some point recently, Everlane. A few years ago, I used to think that Everlane made clothes for older and more mature people, so I never checked it out for some reasons. But just a few weeks ago while browsing through Facebook, I came across an Everlane denim ad. After a few clicks through the website and reading the reviews about their denim range, I bought my first Everlane high-rise skinny denim for $68. And you know what drove me to the decision to purchase them beside the affordable price tag? They were made in Bien Hoa, Vietnam- my hometown city and country!


To me, jeans are like bras. 

They need to be comfortable, well-fitted, and easy to get in and out. I am sure you know that almost 99% of women want to take their bras off immediately when they get home. I think it all started off when the under-wiring and push-ups were introduced to bras, and the idea that women with bigger boobs were more attractive. And I have got to say that bralettes or bras with minimal paddings are a lot more attractive and on trend these days. Similarly, ripped-jeans, acid-washed jeans, cut-off jeans are not things that I reach for all the time. There are days that I am not in the mood or do not have time to play with my outfit pairings, I gravitate towards my basics. Basics are things that I know will give me things that I have mentioned above: comfortability, the fit, and the easiness to just put in and out-the-door I go.

I will do a blog post all about bras soon on the blog.

But today we are talking about denim, specifically these true blue high-waisted denim from Everlane. I opted for a regular fit instead of a cropped pair since I had been on a hunt for one for quite some time now. Many people have raved about the Levi’s 501 or the RE/DONE jeans so much, but I have never got a chance to have my hands on them. I used to only buy designer jeans from Nordstrom Racks or Opitz, a local discounted designer outlet I frequented when I lived in Minnesota. I only bought jeans from brands such as AG, Joe’s, Hudson, Paige, Rag & Bone, Citizen of Humanity, and J Brand when they went on sale for at least 70-90% off their original price tags. Cheaper alternatives are jeans from Topshop and BDG from Urban Outfitters. The Topshop Jamies and Leighs are affordable and incredibly soft. BDG’s mom jeans and girlfriend jeans are my favorites as well.


THE FIT: I am normally size 0 or 25 in bottoms. These fit me very snug at the waist and sit just right below my belly button. The regular length with the 28.5” inseam hit slightly below the ankles with a half break. Half break versus full break is tailoring terms that I learned from my past experience working at my aunt’s tailoring shop. They refer to the extra bit of fabric hanging at the bottom opening of pants. Jeans with an ankle length will have no breaks since they fit above the ankle. I wish these were more tapered around the ankle.

THE FABRIC: Since the fabric contains only 2% of elasane, they are not the softest nor the most stretchy jeans. However, they are what I have been looking for, the true denim feels- a bit rougher. They are comfortable and easy to take in and out. Everlane claim that this Japanese type of jean fabric is supposed to last up to 10 years, so we will see. Plus I do not plan to wash my jeans so often, so I have high hope that these jeans will last me for quite awhile.

about the brand:


Everlane was founded by Michael Preysman and Jesse Farmer in 2010. Its HQ is in San Francisco. Their products include women’s and men’s: shoes, clothing, bags, and accessories. It is a leader in sustainable apparel and pricing transparency

Some of their well-known and most proud-of products are the Grade-A cashmere sweaters, Italian shoes, and Peruvian Pima tees. I want to save enough money to get their classic two pocket silk shirts, in black and stone. I have also linked a few of my favorites and dying-to-buy items from Everlane at the end of this post. So have a look! I definitely recommend you to give brands that care about their products, the people that make their products, and the environment like Everlane a try. I am a true fan of their products and the mission that drives their success.Everlane’s mission is to keep their products quality and ethically made with transparent sourcing and pricing. And they call it Radical Transparency.

You can click, here, to learn more about their true cost break-down.

And this is a cute promo video that I have found while writing this blog post:

 My final thoughts:

The High-rise Skinny Jean exceeds my expectations, from the fit to the fabric. The $68 price tag is incredibly good for a pair of such quality denim. And the fact that these jeans are made by the people from my hometown really is special to me. I wish to see more of other brands like Everlane who do things in a clean and ethical manner. If you are into the minimal style and wanting to add a few more basics that last at an affordable price, Everlane is a great place to start. I’d recommend looking up ‘Project 333’ or ‘Capsule Wardrobe,’ for some more inspiration on how to get started with a minimalist wardrobe.


white T-shirt: Uniqlo

jeans: Everlane

glasses: frame- Ray-ban

my initial mug: Anthropologie

stool: IKEA


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