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How I Decorate My Christmas Tree!

It’s starting to look and feel a lot like Christmas, so I’ve thought the best way to insert some festivities on the blog is to actually blog about how I decorate my Christmas tree. I love every season of the year, but Christmas has always been so near and dear to my heart. One of the fondest memories that I had was with my siblings when I used to live in Vietnam. We would play that Paris By Night DVD, the Christmas karaoke edition, that my dad bought (he’s a big fan of Viet music, sung and performed by artists that lived in the US back then.) while decorating the Christmas tree.

The majority of the Vietnamese population are Buddist, but I was born and raised in Ho Nai 3, Dong Nai province, where it’s known for the big Catholic population and churches literally very close to each other. So yes, I’m Catholic and do celebrate Christmas like going to church, participating in Christmas play, and decorate the house. My uncle and aunt in Minnesota whom I lived with back then also liked getting a tree. They let the kids do the decorating while they put up the actual wood fire in the fireplace. I feel like Christmas just feels a little better when I’m surrounded by family. Even though I do agree that snow makes Christmas just a little special, but overall, it’s really how you make of it, isn’t it?

In the PNW, specifically in the Seattle area, there are plenty of festive opportunities. It takes literally an hour or two to a snow-covered mountain or ski resort where there are plenty of snow-related sports. Winter in the PNW is actually not that bad because it’s much safer to drive. I’m scared of too many car incidents that are related to snow and weather conditions in the cold long winter in the Midwest at this point.

OUTFIT: Jacket: UNIQLO U men’s blocktech | pants: ARITZIA | boots: COS | bag: YSL

I purchased my tree at a small tree lot in Ballard for $15 per foot. The tree is about my height which is 5ft.5, but I pay the price of a 4ft.5 tree + tax. You cannot really negotiate because it’s actually not that bad of a price. The other bigger lot that I went to only had 6ft. and above trees, and those were around the $100 price point as well! My tree last year was over $100 because it was at an organic tree farm. Obviously, you don’t have to get a real tree, but it all comes down to preference. My real tree smells so good, plus my apartment complex does discard the tree for us, so we don’t have to pay extra for tree collection.

Let’s Get Decorating!

I get the majority of my ornaments from West Elm and CB2, and the theme is just simple black, white, and gold. My tree is quite small, so I currently have it standing in a small tree stand with some water and 3 string lights wrapped around, all bought from Home Depot. Although I do think 4 string lights and lots more ornaments, I just want to keep it at its minimal and slowly shop for those things after Christmas! Oh, and I do need a tree skirt, too, so wish me luck if I could find one this year. It’s pretty difficult because tree skirts seem to be sold out everywhere, and I just want something white, fuzzy and not too massive! Please send help in the comment section and shop tree decorating stuff featured at the end of this blog post (if they’re still available)!

Happy holidays and have fun decorating your trees, guys! Stay tuned for my BEST OF 2019 blog post next!


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