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Low-shopping Month – Pros and Cons

June has flown by, and July comes with a 10-day road trip and lots of outdoorsy activities planned! I tried getting out to Mt. Rainier on Father’s Day Sunday and got hit by a trail filled with a bunch of snow. June was not a good month since snow still lingered on areas at high altitude and up in the mountains. Immediately after that, I felt the crave (needing and wanting) to get out there and shop again, and I ended up getting myself a pair of hiking boots.

Many of you who follow me on Instagram and read my blog, you’re probably glad and say ‘yes, finally a legit pair!’ I know! Hiking in sneakers is not the greatest idea, and my Nike Pesto have served me well in the past two years!

But I did shop in June, the month I’ve set out rules for not buying anything for myself from clothing to beauty. A few exceptions that I shared on my IG-stories were the fact that I bought a birthday gift early in June and some swim/stuff that I need for my July road trip at the end of June.

There weren’t really any rules as I literally call this thing a low-shopping month, not a no-shopping month! But I’ve got a few things to share, the advantages, disadvantages, and lessons, so keep on reading if you’re interested in doing a low-shopping month like this!

Advantages of the low-shopping month:

Disadvantages of the low-shopping month:

Lessons I’ve learnt:

Final words:

I would totally do this again, and for sure I will make it a bit more strict on clothing and beauty category and expand on other categories like no eating out and alcohol or sweet drinks (boba specifically!). I would say that I definitely picked up lots of tips from doing research and reading on other people’s journey on slow fashion, low/no-shopping, and sustainability.

Low spending or shopping ban like this doesn’t eliminate all forms of spending – just the non-necessities, and it varies from person to person. Things like an extra pair of clothing, a piece of decorative thing in the house, or an extra tube of lipsticks, etc. Before you begin, it might be worth it to tally up your previous monthly spending so that you can compare how much you are able to save at the end of the low-shopping/no-shopping month.

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Have you tried a low-shopping month or a no-shopping aka a shopping ban for a month? How do you stay committed? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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