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My 2020 Mindset, Money, and Personal Goals

Happy New Year! 2020 has been off to a great start, well, at least I’d like to think things are going well. Just trying to appreciate little things and unexpected moments in life. I’ve just got back from an almost 5 days long trip to Houston for a wedding. It is nice to eat so much food and relax while catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. Did you know that I used to live in Houston for a few months right when I first came to the U.S in early 2019? I then moved to Minnesota before my Seattle move which was about 2 years ago.

It’s also been that long since I last see my family in Vietnam. Yes, I still keep in touch, call and talk to mom, dad and all of my siblings often though I feel like that could totally be improved. Living away from family for that long, I start thinking too much about my own goals and aspirations. It is nice because I have the freedom to do anything I want. I can travel anytime and buy anything I want. Although I am nowhere near I want to be in life, again, I’d like to give myself a pat in the back this time because I’ve come so far, both mentally and physically.

And for any #BUJO lovers out there? This is my set of goals in 2020. I hope this inspires you to start listing yours, too!

10 Mindfulness Goals

(practices that improve emotional and physical well-being!)

  1. Listen more, judge less.
  2. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no.’
  3. Slow down and worry less.
  4. Text and call family and friends more often.
  5. Be kinder to myself and others in the thoughts and through actions.
  6. Do less because ‘It is better to finish a few tasks well instead of a million tasks half-assed.’
  7. Smile more.
  8. Be thankful.
  9. Less reacting and being more proactive.
  10. Mediate and keep a positive mindset because what one believes, one becomes!

8 Money Goals:

  1. Start tracking my spending patterns (not reducing it but more so that I can be aware of where my spending money goes.)
  2. Learn more about 401(k), HSA, stock, crypto-currency, property investment.
  3. Combine 401(k) accounts from previous jobs into one!
  4. Put more into savings.
  5. Separate blog-related income to other sources of income.
  6. Start an emergency fund: weddings, family affairs.
  7. Set budget and goals for hobbies: plants, baking, fitness.
  8. Have multiple bank accounts: separate general checking (everyday expense, monthly bills, automatic payments, and credit card payment) and savings (emergency funds, long term goals vs. short term goals for things like weddings)

5 Big investments I want to make this year:

  1. Start a capsule wardrobe.
  2. Buy a sewing machine.
  3. Claim my blog as a business.
  4. Travel home or internationally (possibly the end of 2020 or early 2021).
  5. Move to a new apartment and start looking into moving to NYC in a few more years.


OUTFIT: Sweater: UNIQLO | blazer: vintage RALPH LAUREN (bought at SODO Flea Market in Seattle via shop CAPSULE) | mom jeans: ZARA (old) | boots: EVERLANE | necklace & rings: MEJURI | bag: ACNE STUDIOS

I hope 2020 has been off to a great start for you as well! Houston travel guide blog post will be up next as well as Krave Beauty brand review (something I’ve been wanting to put up for months!). Please take care of yourself and feel free to let me know your 2020 goals! As requested, I will plan a capsule wardrobe video very soon as well as sharing more career-related posts either on the blog or Instagram. So many promises, so little time, but I hope you understand. Thanks for following along. I love and appreciate every one of you!

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