The long weekend has finally come to an end. Memorial day is just an extra day added to the two-day weekend to me, nothing exciting. Knowing this ahead of time, I planned a few outfits and went out shooting all day yesterday instead. I helped my boyfriend with his wedding all day Saturday. It was so much fun, but tiring! And we shot a few outfits for my blog all day Sunday. In case you may not know, my boyfriend is the creative revision behind the photos on my blog and Instagram. He does wedding photography on the weekends as a way to stay even ‘busier’ with his 9-to-5 schedule. He’s the one that takes my photos, most of the time. Other times, it’s my cousin. We have come up with a system to make sure my pictures stay consistent. My cousin just bought his first camera and still learning how to shoot with my boyfriend’s guidance. I style my outfits and pretty much tell my cousin how I want my photos to look like and what angles he should be shooting me from. But other than that, my boyfriend is the one I would give all the credit to.

In almost every modeling assignment, photographers need their models to convey some kind of emotion through their facial expression or body position. Almost every time, ‘I’m not a model’ has remained my excuse even when we’re out shooting or even after any shoots when the photos don’t turn out as I have wanted. Especially as a fashion blogger, practicing showing the important features of each fashion item like showing off the pockets, collar or belt, how the garment moves are key. I slowly start to pick up so many tips and tricks when I’m out shooting with him, from facial expressions to body compositions as well as being able to bring attention to whatever makes the garment interesting.

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These photos were shot a few weeks ago when I was in Seattle at the Museum of Moder Pop Culture, aka MoPOP, right next to the Space Needle and the Seattle Monorail which runs through the building. The building is constructed by the famous Canadian-American architecture Frank Gehry for its sheet-metal construction, such as the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in Spain, the Walt Disney Concert Hall in LA, and the Gehry Tower in Germany. Pretty interesting stuff!

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OUTFIT DETAILS: linen shirt: Frank & Eileen | jeans: J-Brand with DIY hi-low raw cut hem | shoes: Nike | red lipstick: Too Faced (Lady Balls) | bag: Proenza Schouler

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  1. Love the lipstick with that outfit! Cute!!

  2. Echo says:

    These are all great shots! And man, that outfit looks good on any background!

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