The Silk Belted Shirt-Dress

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You’re probably wondering what the heck it ‘Baum Und Ferdgarten.’

I am still having a hard time spelling and pronouncing it right.

And that is why I’m bringing to you, a Brand Focus, edition #5, I’m pretty sure I haven’t done one for quite a while now.

If you’ve missed my previous Brand Focus, you can read it here: Opening Ceremony, H&M, Restoration Hardware Gallery, and Ray-ban. It’s a series here on Style And Senses where I share with you a few items of the brand that I own and a brief history of the brand so that I myself and you can learn more about it. I’ve also had such admiration and respect for brands, the designers themselves, and getting to know the people and their success stories is something I always love learning about. I love a good story!

So here ya go! The dress that I’m wearing here is from Baum Und Ferdgarten. A gem that I found at a new shop that opened in the summer at the Mall of America called, Mona Williams. I was intrigued by the ‘90% off designer pieces’ sign when walking pass. I made a visit one day, talked to the sale associate and get to know a bit more about Mona Williams. Then I saw a rack hung right at the front of the shop with a sign ‘final sale, price as is.’ And of course, this girl had to check it out. The guy told me those were the last pieces of the Baum Und Ferdgarten brand that the shop would carry. They stopped carrying this brand for some reasons. So I tried on a few pieces from this brand and fell in love with this dress instantly. I paid $50 for this dress. I didn’t quite remember how much it was original. But anyways, let’s jump right into the Brand Focus talk, shall we?

 Baum Und Ferdgarten

Baum Und Ferdgarten is a Danish luxury fashion house, established in 1999 by Rikke Baumgarten & Helle Hestehave. 


Rikke Baumgarten & Helle Hestehave began their designing journey together in Copenhagen. It is also where their flagship store is located. Personally, I have never seen their pieces in person. And that one time at Mona Williams, all they had was just a few pieces from an unknown season. None of them fit me, except this one dress. I’ve done research and seen their design online and could tell that their pieces are very quirky yet classic and very Scandi, of course.

I can tell their design aesthetic by scanning their collection this season. You can peek at the collection on Vogue, here.

You can obviously go to their website to see more items from the brand. Luisaviaroma and Shopbop carry a lot of their pieces with USD currency. I don’t really know how I can even have a hand on the second piece from this brand in store and in the States. And I couldn’t even afford any of their pieces online anyways. Ugh! But I’m so glad to have this piece in my collection as I do see myself wearing it even years ahead. I love the stripe work, very distinctive and different from what I’ve seen. It’s 100% silk, yay! I love silk! I love the two front slits, the neckline, and the pocket feature, the color scheme of this dress, and the unique belt. This belt reminds me a lot of the famous industrial yellow belt from Off-white, here, that everyone is wearing these days. It is always SOLD OUT every time I check. Would you pay almost $200 for a yellow belt that is a trend piece that will most likely go out of style after this summer/fall season? And could you believe that I was so close to buying myself one couple months ago?

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I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about this Brand as much as I enjoyed researching and getting to know more about it. See you tomorrow!

stay inspired | as always

An Trieu

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