Blue Denim Baby

White T and blue denim are always an outfit combo I love. I remembered when browsing Jcrew last year, I saw the sale associate was wearing the nearly exact combo, and I kept checking her outfit out the whole time. I rarely asked people what or where they get their stuff from, but this time was an exception. Funny how she said the jeans were, obviously, from Jcrew and they also were on sale online. I then had her ordered them for me and paid around $42 for them. Jcrew’s customer service is exceptional. I literally got stopped at the mall so many times either people complementing on the jeans or asked where I got the jeans from. my boyfriend didn’t like them, however, as he said they weren’t as fitted. I jokingly said skinnies belong to the past tense.

How has your week been? Mine has been super hectic. I try to wake up early for overtime, get stuck in traffic because it’s construction season, and still get to work late. I find myself super exhausted from these weird work schedule and constantly reaching for substances to stay awake aka coffee, extra shots, extra strength. I take asap naps as soon as I get back home. The next thing I know is that I’d stay awake for the rest of the a.m. And the cycle continues… I know a lot of my coworkers prefer the 7 to 4:30 schedule, but I’m content being a 9 to 5:30. I get super active at night but cranky and slow in the early morning. Yup, it’s me! Let me know what you think about this outfit pairing or just anything exciting planned for the weekend ahead in the comment section below.

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OUTFIT DETAILS: t-shirt: American Apparel | jeans: Jcrew | heeled sandals: Enzo Angiolini | bag: Gucci | anklet: Asos | sunglasses: Ray-Ban


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