Plaid Blazer Coat Pairing

Last week was an emotional week for me. I went through a job interview which I did not prepare for nor performed as well as I’d hoped. I found out I did not get the position. It was quite tough when having someone to tell you, “You’re not good enough!”. Worst of it all, I was beating myself up even more. I was so ready for a change, but I guessed it wasn’t meant to be. Times like these, I find myself alone and isolated, intentionally, and it’s just how I can refresh and restart. And it is perfectly normal and healthy to do so.

As a creative myself, mostly self-taught and that I learn from watching others, I find it is difficult to create and inspire something if I’m not inspired. I’m one of those who always stands in front of the closet and screams, “I have nothing to wear!” I come up with a new outfit idea, often time inspired by a new clothing item or by something I’ve seen on the internet that sparked it. New season usually springs new colors and new trends. This year, red and pink are everywhere. The classic combo, t-shirt and jeans, are taken to the next level with t-shirt having simple inspiring words in retro font and jeans with stepped hem or embroidery details. Skinny jeans are s finally saying goodbye.

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I styled this outfit around the blazer. I’d worn it once before on the plane ride to visit my uncle in Georgia last winter, the first thing he said was that I looked so old in it. Funny that my base outfit was a navy turtle neck sweater and a pair of black jeans. And it usually is the safest combo to throw any jackets on top and call it a day. After that, I thought I’d never wear it again.

How did it go so wrong? The blazer is in the warm, brown color, grandpa’s plaid, and slightly over-sized and longer hemline. Indeed, it is something I can find in my mom’s, dad’s, or grandpa’s closet. And funny enough, this kind of blazer and fit is back on trend this spring. I’ve seen a few bloggers rocking this trend, those that have the biggest shoulder pads and fit super oversized. One day, I stumbled across StyleNanda (a very well-known Korean fashion website), browsed through their outerwear section (here) and was very inspired by how they styled those tricky blazers. Well, of course, everything looks good on models, plus they have a crew of makeup, hair, stylists, and photographers that make ‘em look so cool.

After all of that browsing for inspiration, I’ve learn and picked up a few tips to style this tricky spring trend. I have opted for a white top and a pair of simple heels that are also white. I went for a super tight and cropped top which instantly balanced out the lose fit of the mom’s jeans I had on. The jeans I have are from Zara, and they’re not the best fit for me. The outfit has a nice juxtaposition, and I love how it turns out. What do you think?

Comment below! 🙂


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Thanks for reading, and I hope you have an amazing weekend ahead.

stay inspired | as always

An Trieu.

OUTFIT DETAILS: cropped top: American Apparel | jeans: Zara | plaid blazer/jacket: H&M | strappy heels: Zara | bag: PS Elliot


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