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Did I mention my growing love for the Twin Cities and their charming neighborhoods including endless photo opts in my favorites last month?

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If you’ve ever had a chance to visit MN, I’d definitely suggest giving the Walker Art center a visit.Located in the Lowry Hill neighborhood of Minneapolis, the Walker Art Center offers a variety of contemporary art installations both outdoors in the garden and indoors.

It’s currently opened after a year of reconstruction. I love that parking is free on the streets and easy to find around the neighborhood. If you can make it during their opening hours for the indoor exhibition, ask for a way to the balcony where the Garden Terrace room is (as seen in the photos below). There are two doors that can lead you out to the balcony area, but usually there is only one opened. This is is at the end of a dark hallway up at the second or third floor I don’t remember exactly. So ask! Out here, you can get the 180-degree view of the Walker Art garden and the Basilica. While you’re out there, make sure to walk around following the stairs that lead to more open areas. It’s difficult to describe, but keep your eyes peeled and your feet wandered! I’m sure with natural sunlight and tons of white walls, you’ll find yourself going back to this balcony for more just like us.

Funny that when we were out in the balcony, we noticed the other balcony from the church just across the freeway from the Walker Art center, here. Just another cool and neat location for architecture and photography inspiration if you’re interested.


tube top: Brandy Melville (bought at Nordstrom, MOA) | shorts: BDG from Urban Outfitters | belt: Nordstrom Rack | bag: Rebecca Minkoff | red lipstick: Too Faced in Lady Ball | sandals: Enzo Angiolini (very old) 


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Couldn’t you tell how much sun it was that day by seeing how squinty my eyes were? It was a pretty hot and humid day as well, so that’s why I went for the tube top and shorts. I’ve been obsessed with tube tops or tops with a clean line across the front and back with a pair of super thin spaghetti straps. They were all sold out at Urban Outfitter this past spring season I remembered. But gladly, Pacsun has started to carry more tops like this from Brandy Melville. And they’re sold out very fast. I got mine at Nordstrom where the junior section is located, near Topshop at the Mall of America. This outfit is perfect for those summer mall strolling or out-and-about if you want just a casual daytime and easy going outfit options. Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos series. Let me know if you’ll ever give the Walker Art a visit. Enjoy your time there!

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