Summer Romance

If you follow me on social media channels, you’ve probably heard me mention about the number of the weddings that I’ve got to attend this summer. It’s a summer filled with lots of love, as I’d like to call it is a summer of romance.

I love weddings.

My friends Tri and Diem tied the knot at the end of July. Two weeks after, Vy and Phi did. And just last weekend, I got to attend chi Diem and anh Hung’s big day, just a week after Vy and Phi’s wedding. In Vietnamese, we add prefixes ‘chi’ or ‘anh’ in front of their names to basically show respect to the elders, used for an older female and male, respectively. Chi Diem and Vy are the sisters from the youth group that I’ve been a part of for the past 8 years living here. They have officially left the group, one moving to Kentucky and one will soon relocate to Michigan. Chi Diem’s and Vy’s weddings were the most incredible emotional weddings to attend. Not to mention, I caught the bouquet at Chi Diem’s wedding last weekend. Say what?

In a month, there will be a lot of changes in my life, personally and career-wise. I don’t want to announce or give out too much right now, but I hope things will go as planned. I will, of course, announce it on the blog once I know the details for sure. One thing that I know at this point is that I’ll be traveling to Hawaii for the first time in the third week of August. My boyfriend’s sister is getting married. And this will mark the 4th wedding of this year! I’m very excited!!!

So, change is good.

Meanwhile, enjoy this photo series that my boyfriend took of me two weekends ago at the Como Zoo Observatory in St. Paul, MN. I wore this outfit to Vy’s wedding, and the color choice was picked to match my boyfriend’s suit. It was also my very first time seeing my boyfriend all dressed up, in the suit, and we were together for one of the rare occasions like this. I felt humble and blessed in so many ways, to not only witness and see my friends’ on their big days but also to have my incredible partner by my side.

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I bought the dress and the bag two nights before the wedding. I knew I had to find a light pink dress since my boyfriend’s suit was in a lighter shade on navy. This dress came up as one of the most rated items on the Nordstrom website. Of course, last minute decision is always costly. It’s the lesson I have to learn it a hard way every time. I had to pay $15 for the two-day shipping option that Nordstrom offered. But well! I’ve got to give credits to Nordstrom’s customer service though. They have successfully delivered all of my last minute shopping inquiries just before the events happen countless of time. That’s why I’d rather pay a bit more to shop at Nordstrom than other shopping websites when I know there’s time restriction. It’s called ‘Gemma’ from the Australian brand that I’ve never heard of, Bardot. The dress came a night before the wedding, thankfully. It fitted me perfectly around the waist area, but the halter neck was too loose and the back straps hung funny on me. I didn’t have time to alter it, so I had to actually hand-sew on 3 snap buttons to tighten the neck. If you notice it carefully, it doesn’t really fit me at the chest area. I wore a pair of nippies underneath but wished that I wore something that had more support though. Or it would have been perfect for someone who has a larger chest. Needless to say, the dress was a hit at the wedding though! I got so many compliments.
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I hope you’ve enjoyed this outfit pairing and the photos, of course. Ah, I’ve got to sneak in a few photos with my boyfriend in his awesome suit. Shhh!!! Don’ tell him! He doesn’t like me posting photos that have him in it. and he’d prefer to be behind the camera most of the time. But well, I have to, secretly, this time though! Thank you so much for reading.

More wedding outfit inspo: herehere or here.

stay inspired | as always

An Trieu

OUTFIT DETAILS: dress: Bardot (Nordstrom, exact one linked below) | heels: Zara (old, similar ones lined below) | bag: Rebbeca Minkoff (Nordstrom, below)

my boyfriend’s suit, shirt and shoes: Jcrew


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Stunning outfit and overall ensemble!! The photos taken at the conservatory are so lovely!

  2. Erin says:

    This looks so great on and I love the location. I’m a big fan of the sunken gardens at the conservatory! I need a dress for a wedding that leaves room for cake! 😉

    • antrieu says:

      I had a 7-course meal, and cakes, and was able to dance like no others watching! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  3. Shannon says:

    Love this blog post!! That dress is to die for!!!! You look fabulous in it too!!

  4. Jasmin says:

    Your are looking so beautiful and fabulous in this white dress!!!

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