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Happy Sunday!

What are you up to this weekend? It’s beautiful out! I’m staying in today to do some quick closet clean out, putting away my winter clothes and boots, and unworn clothes either for sale or for donation. And then I will get out and enjoy the sunny weather. I’ll most likely go to a coffee shop, job hunting and planning for the future months of the blog StyleAndSenses. Later I’m planning to stop by Clothes Mentor, a consignment shop, in the neighborhood to ask if they would buy some of my clothings that I thrifted or bought new, unworn, with tags.

As you might or might not know I’m in the process of moving out from my current place, so I’m gonna try to sell as many clothes as I can. And then will have to let go a lot of it. I’m also putting a few items up on sale on Ebay, so you should check it out (here -username: atandt16, ATT is my initial, and 16 is my birthdate). Since 2003, even before I started blogging, I already started my Ebay account selling clothes I bought, mostly designers that I hand-picked myself. It was and still is my pastime hobby, going through racks and racks, looking at things and trying on things, evaluating prices, fabrics, fits, and brands of each every item. Then I had to put it aside since I had to prioritize my time for school and work. Ultimately though, I would love to sell clothes, putting them on StyleAndSenses to sell, initially will be hand-picked designer items and then clothes that I design. I used to design some of my clothes, costumes for friends and cousins and did lots of sewing DIY projects. I would love to share more fun projects like it on the blog in the near future. So let me know what you would like to see more here on the blog.

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I love everything about it. It is a wrap dress, one of my favorite type of dresses, so of course it comes with strings to tie around the waist. I love the flare sleeves, the open keyhole detailing in the black, and the slit on the right side. It is made from 100% viscose material, hence no wrinkles, and embedded with beautiful floral patterns. I found it at Nordstrom Rack last week when they had the clear out sale. I got this dress for 50% off of its sale price, super inexpensive! Even though it was a US size 4, (and I’m a size 0-2, by the way!) I bought it without any hesitation nor trying it on. The dress is from TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE, and the only way you can differentiate it from the regular Topshop items is looking at the tag. Mine is a black label one indicating it belongs to the Boutique range. Just like a lot of the fashion houses, such as H&M, they do have different clothing lines aiming towards different audience or buyers with lower or higher price range. H&M has H&M STUDIO. TOPSHOP has TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE with the black or white label. I’m such a sucker for brands since the fit and the quality are to-die-for, even they’re from H&M or TOPSHOP, I would go crazy every time I see their BOUTIQUE/STUDIO items in store. I can definitely buy them online, but often time at the store they’re online return items and are a lot cheaper.

I hope that you enjoy the outfit photos, a bit different take than the normal everyday pairing and ‘posing’, as you can obviously tell. I had so much fun trying out all the poses and the weird hand placements, directed by Toan Chu, also shot and edited by him. I’m just a blogger who loves to style and play with clothes, not a model nor a professional poser whatsoever. But I hope you like it anyways! I’m going to finish doing my laundry and cleaning up my room, a very messy and unglamorous normal life of a blogger. Thank YOU for reading and have a relaxing Sunday!


OUTFIT DETAILS: dress: Topshop Boutique | heels: Enzo Angiolini | anklet: ASOS | lipstick: Too Faced in Lady Balls

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